Communicative Disorders Program Department of Special Education

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Research and Innovations in the SFSU CD Program

The faculty in the SFSU CD Program is committed to research, training, program development, and other innovations that contribute to our field. Some of the current activities taking place in the program include:

Sadao, K. C. & Robinson, N. B. (2010). Assistive Technology for Young Children: Creating Inclusive Learning Environments. Baltimore: Brookes Publishing.

test image The goal of this book is to demystify AT and gives readers solutions they can implement right away, regardless of their technical experience. Early childhood professionals will learn about the broad spectrum of AT supports for children with disabilities—from low-cost, low-tech options such as Velcro and homemade switches to higher tech options such as speech-generating software.
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» Q&A about the book with the authors

Differentiating Language Difference Versus Language Disability in 2nd-Grade ELLs

Dr. Epstein was recently awarded a grant from the Office of Research and Sponsored Research for Facilitating Research and Creative Work at San Francisco State University to research speech-language assessment with ELL students.

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Monolingual Socialization of an Autistic Child in a Chinese/English Bilingual Home

Dr. Yu is examining a common practice among bilingual/multilingual parents of children with autism – that of choosing to speak only one language to their children. The data are video recordings of naturally occurring dinnertime interactions between a child with autism and his family members, who were committed to speak only English with him while maintaining a bilingual, primarily Chinese-speaking household. The study employs discourse analysis to investigate how the child’s participation in the family’s conversational interactions was affected by this practice.

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