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Master of Science Degree in Communicative Disorders: Speech-Language Pathology

The speech-language pathology curriculum is designed to train competent, culturally sensitive speech-language pathologists who can appreciate and understand the importance of research in clinical practice. In order to accomplish this goal, a multitude of academic and clinical experiences are provided the students, under the direction of skilled instructors, clinical researchers and supervisors both on and off campus. The development of clinical skills requires academic knowledge, the ability to understand and engage in research, and a sensitivity to clients' needs, values and cultures.

The CD Program curriculum includes all academic and clinical experiences necessary for American Speech and Hearing Association (ASHA) certification in speech-language pathology, State of California Speech-Language Pathology Services Credential, and the State of California license to practice speech-language pathology. Students are required to complete all academic courses. The practice of speech-language pathology in the state of California requires a license issued by the Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology Examining Committee Medical Board of California. Exempted settings are public schools and federal facilities. The academic and clinical requirements for the state license are similar to those of ASHA requirements in speech-language pathology.

Ten academic courses totalling 30 units are required for the Master of Science degree in speech-language pathology. Clinical practica requirements range from 21 to 28 units based on the number of experiences necessary for the student to obtain the 375 clinical clock hours plus 25 observation hours required for ASHA certification and California state licensure. Students should plan to complete these requirements over 5 semesters, which typically includes a summer session.

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Required Academic Courses (30 Units)

The course titles below are linked to course descriptions in the university course bulletin, which specifies their prerequisites, units, and latest offerings.

CD701 Language Difference and Disorders in Children
CD705 Seminar in Aural Rehabilitation
CD706 Counseling in Communicative Disorders
CD707 Advanced Seminar in Language Disorders in Children
CD708 Neurogenic Disorders of Language
CD709 Seminar in Motor Speech Disorders
CD710 Seminar in Dysphagia
CD756 Advanced Diagnosis of Communicative Disabilities
CD768 Advanced Clinical Skills
ISED797 Seminar in Educational Research

Required Clinical Practica (21-28 Units)

The course titles below are linked to course descriptions in the university course bulletin, which specifies their prerequisites, units, and latest offerings.

CD711 Seminar in Therapy for Functional Communicative Disorders
CD712 Seminar in Therapy for Aural Disability in CD 
CD713 Seminar in Therapy for Organic Communicative Disorders
CD880 Advanced Communication Therapy (3 clinics)
CD882 Internship in Communicative Disorders
CD884 Advanced Diagnosis in Communicative Disorders
CD715 Clinical/Rehabilitative Experience in the School
CD725 Student Teaching Workshop: Communication Disabilities


» Suggested timelines and sequences for coursework:

  1. Classified Grad Roadmap A: School internship in the 3rd semester (Download)
  2. Classified Grad Roadmap B: Medical internship in the 3rd semester (Download)

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