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Faculty Resources

In addition helping students at the tutoring center, CARP also offers resources for faculty members who want to see their students succeed. This page describes some of the resources we offer and how to take advantage of them.

Tailored In-Class Workshops:

CARP frequently presents in-class workshop at the request of faculty members. Faculty members can request one of our classic workshops from the “Workshop Catalog” or request an entirely new workshop, built from scratch. Popular topics for in-class workshop have included thesis statements, essay organization, peer review, and APA formatting and style. Tailored In-Class Workshops can be requested by utilizing the Workshop Request Form (link below). Please note that requests need to be submitted at least three weeks in advance of the intended presentation date to allow CARP adequate time to tailor-make a great workshop. Please send completed Workshop Request Forms to

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  • Referred Student Contracts:

    Often there are students who could benefit from the intensive learning assistance that can only be provided in regularly recurring one-on-one session with a mentor tutor. With an instructor’s referral, students may be offered a contract in which they are guaranteed at least one recurring appointment each week at a specific time and with a specific tutor. If you are interested in referring a student for a contract, contact CARP’s Senior Program Coordinator, Morris Head, at

    Information Sessions:

    A faculty member can schedule a CARP representative to come to their class and give a quick presentation about our program and the services we offer. These presentations provide information such as the types of tutoring we offer, the workshops we will host during the semester, the way to make appointments, and CARP’s hours of operations. If you are interested in scheduling an Information Session, please contact CARP at

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