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Undergraduate Courses

123 Ski Touring and Winter Trekking (2)

Introduction to cross-country skiing, winter camping, and survival skills. Care and selection of clothing and equipment. Avalanche and lost person search and rescue techniques. Treatment of hypothermia, frostbite, and other first-aid emergencies. For beginning and intermediate skiers. Extra fee required.

128 Downhill Skiing (2)

Development of alpine skiing skills through in-class presentations and on-site lessons at a ski area. Includes overview of conditioning, equipment requirements, and trip organization techniques. For beginning through advanced skiers.

160 Recreation and Leisure Alternative Activities (1-2)

Topic to be specified in Class Schedule. Instruction in the development of skills, knowledge, and strategy involved in specific unique recreation and leisure activities. Focus is on selected new and alternative leisure opportunities and resources and the development of leisure related attitudes. May be repeated for a total of four units when topics vary. Extra fee required.

162 Small Boat Sailing (1)

Corequisite: REC 184. May be repeated once for credit. Extra fee required.

184 Small Boat Maintenance (1)

Corequisite: REC 162. Repair and maintenance of wood and fiberglass hulls; rigging, sails, and accessories. May be repeated once for credit.

200 Introduction to Recreation and Leisure Services (3)

Recreation as a profession; a brief outline of the history and principles; observations of public and private agencies; fundamentals of leadership and programming; trends; introduction to the literature in the field. [CAN REC 2]

220 Leisure Lifestyle Development (3) [GE]

An overview of leisure with emphasis on how the optimal leisure experience can contribute to one's total well-being, acquiring leisure activity skills/techniques, methods of evaluating and enriching one's personal leisure. Not open to recreation majors for major credit. Classwork, two units; laboratory, one unit.

230 Growth Through Adventure (3) [GE]

Development of values and understanding of self through outdoor adventure activities. Influences of culture, history, fears, and myths on outdoor adventure activities. Introduction to selected outdoor skills. Survey of selected outdoor adventure activities in the Bay Area and Northern California. Extra fee required.

260 Leisure Travel and Tourism (3)

Scope and nature of leisure travel and tourism, including professional planning principles; interplay of consumer behavior, motivations, and perceptions; industry trends and resource development.

300 Leisure Leadership (3)

Styles of recreation leadership that apply to supervision, interpersonal relationships, group dynamics, instruction, and leisure counseling in leisure settings. Influences of individual and group recreation behavior. Effective use of recreation planning, problem solving, and evaluation to enhance leisure leadership skills.

325 Computer Applications in Health Education, Kinesiology, and Recreation (3)

Prerequisite: upper division standing or consent of instructor. Information management for health, physical education, and recreation presentations, workshops, reports, records, budgets, fees, participation, market data, statistics, testing, scheduling, handouts, and equipment, inventories using computerized word processing, spreadsheets, graphics, outlining, and databases. No computer experience necessary. Classwork, two units; laboratory, one unit. (Also offered as H ED/KIN 325.)

330 Arts and Crafts for Leisure (3) [GE]

Arts and crafts skills for recreational and clinical/therapeutic purposes with an emphasis on the development of creativity and self-expression. Community programs, resources for materials, leadership skills, and equipment use and maintenance are covered. Classwork, two units; laboratory, one unit. Extra fee required.

340 Conference, Event Planning and Management (3)

Organizing, planning, and managing conferences, conventions, and special events. Analysis of site and faculty selection, scheduling, programming and theme development, exhibit management, registration, and over-all meeting services. Planning and leadership of off-campus conference groups.

350 Leadership in University Union—Student Activities Programs (1)

Supervised leadership field experience in activities typical of a university union-student activities program. May be repeated twice for credit with advisement approval.

360 Outdoor Recreation Leadership (1)

Prerequisite: REC 400 and consent of instructor. Advanced students serve under individual faculty supervision in organizing and conducting outdoor recreation programs. Open only to majors and minors in recreation. May be repeated twice for credit on advisement.

365 White Water Raft Guiding (3)

Prerequisite: REC 160 or previous white water experience; ability to swim 100 yards and tread water for 5 minutes; and CPR and First Aid. Basic knowledge and skills of white water raft guiding. River hydraulics, water reading, raft maneuvering, equipment care and maintenance, environmental ethics, safety and emergency procedures, and trip planning and organization. Includes white water rafting trip. Extra fee required. Classwork, one unit; laboratory, two units.

380 Developmental Play Processes (3) [GE]

Theories, concepts, research, processes, and applied issues related to play, learning, and human development throughout the life span; connection to worldwide progressive play alternatives (i.e., New Games, Adventure Ropes Courses, etc.) that foster personal growth and community development. Classwork, two units; laboratory, one unit.

385 Images of Work and Leisure (3) [GE]

Develops the images and ideas of work and leisure in philosophy, literature, social evolution, and the arts, from Aristotle to the 1980's. Examines primary works in the context of popular symbols, to reveal the tensions and unities of work, leisure, and time. (Also offered as HUM 385.)

400 Theory of Program Planning (3)

Prerequisite: REC 200 or equivalent. Principles and practices in planning, observing, conducting and evaluating recreation programs for all ages in various agencies.

410 Foundations of Therapeutic Recreation (3)

Prerequisites: REC 200, 380, 400 or consent of instructor. Disabling conditions and implications for therapeutic recreation leadership, activity adaptation, programming and existing opportunities in community and clinical settings. Resource specialists address the issues of attitudes, normalization, mainstreaming and needs.

420 Leisure and Contemporary Society (3) [GE]

A critical behavioral and social analysis of the impact of contemporary and future leisure trends related to technology, aging, time deepening, activity patterns, resources, etc. and their implications for human health, happiness, and quality of life.

430 Ecology of Outdoor Recreation (3)

Prerequisite: consent of instructor. Exploration of selected resources and areas pertinent to parks and outdoor recreation. Conservation of resources, appreciation of the natural environment, and the use and misuse of the natural environment.

445 Recreation Therapy and the Expressive Arts (3)

An exploration of the range of expressive arts and their use in a therapeutic recreation setting. Includes experiences in art therapy, music therapy, movement and dance therapy, and poetry therapy.

460 Destination Recreation Resorts (3)

Prerequisite: REC 260 or consent of instructor. Overview of unique leisure experiences provided by resorts, theme parks, campgrounds, hotels, and activity specific centers. Fundamentals of establishing, administering, promoting, and working in recreation resorts. Trends for resort development and operations.

500 Organization of Recreation and Leisure Services (3)

Prerequisites: REC 400 and consent of instructor. Principles and practices in community organization for recreation; administrative structure of leisure service agencies; analysis and evaluation.

520 Park and Outdoor Leisure Resources (3)

Prerequisites: REC 200 and consent of instructor. Parks operation on the municipal, county, state, and federal levels from the standpoint of required space, land acquisition, lay-out of facilities, financing, sanitation, ecology, conservation, landscape design, staffing, and other aspects of parks operations.

540 Administration of Private Recreation Enterprise (3)

Prerequisite: REC 260 or consent of instructor. Overview of private, profit and non-profit recreation/leisure sector, including managing and marketing leisure enterprises. Exploration of consumer leisure behavior and products and their implication for managers and entrepreneurs. Trends and future projections for private recreation industry.

550 Planning and Evaluation of Recreation and Leisure Services (3)

Prerequisite: REC 500. Analysis of the supervisory and administrative functions in various types of recreation agencies with emphasis directed toward evaluating the effectiveness of currently accepted practices. Planning principles and their application.

560 Current Practices in Parks, Recreation, and Leisure Services (1-3)

Topic to be specified in Class Schedule. Focus on new or updated technology, procedures, or methods; e.g., systems analysis, leisure education, tourism, legal implications, specific professional practices in parks, recreation, and leisure services. May be repeated for a total of nine units when topics vary.

609 Therapeutic Recreation: Professional Issues and Trends (3)

Prerequisite: REC 410 or consent of instructor. Case study approach and analysis of therapeutic recreation; professional/administrative issues and trends in community/clinical rehabilitation; leadership, ethics, professional preparation, research, credentialing, interdisciplinary applications, evaluation, professional organizations, marketing, and entrepreneurship.

610 Therapeutic Recreation Principles and Procedures: Clinical and Community Application (3)

Prerequisite: REC 410 or consent of instructor. Clinical/community client case study applications; assessment, treatment planning, program planning, implementation, and evaluation. Specialized techniques, leisure education/counseling, standards of practice, quality assurance issues and research studies as they apply to direct service provision.

620 Leisure and Aging (3) [GE]

Prerequisite: REC 410 or GRN 500 or consent of instructor. Trends, concepts, challenges of aging related to leisure. Focuses on issues of lifespan, retirement, changing roles, and lifestyle adjustment. Applications and implications for leisure service delivery in clinical and community settings.

660 Seminar in Current Professional Issues (3)

Prerequisites: consent of instructor and senior standing. Current issues and professional practices in recreation and leisure services.

680 Directed Field Experience in Recreation and Leisure Services (6)

Prerequisites: completion of major core requirements, 800 verified hours of paid or volunteer experience in recreation settings and/or consent of instructor. Program planning, supervision and evaluation in a recreation and leisure service agency under qualified personnel.

690 Directed Management Experience in Recreation and Leisure Services (6)

Prerequisites: completion of major core requirement, 800 verified hours of paid or volunteer experience in recreation settings and/or consent of instructor. Facility, personnel and fiscal management; administrative and legal aspects; lay commissions; political implications.

699 Special Study (1-2)

Self-defined in-depth, individual, or group study projects in areas of personal/professional recreation and leisure interest-under the guidance of a faculty member. Enrollment by petition. May be repeated for a total of six units.

Graduate Courses

710 Research Methods in Recreation and Leisure Studies (3)

Prerequisites: graduate standing and consent of instructor. Introduction to general research approaches, design, and methodology, with emphasis on research design and methods used in recreation and leisure studies. Review of pertinent literature. Practical experience with graduate level resources at SFSU.

730 Foundations of Leisure (3)

Prerequisites: graduate standing and consent of instructor. Seminar in the interrelated concepts of time, work, and leisure and their impact on the leisure services profession and selected contemporary and future issues. Selected readings in cultural, historical, philosophical, behavioral and social scientific literature related to the above.

750 Leisure Education (3)

Prerequisites: graduate standing and consent of instructor. Analysis of origins, development, and expression in individual leisure behavior. Theoretical models, measurement, and evaluation of leisure behavior. Strategies, techniques, and resources for leisure education and counseling. Clinical and community roles, responsibilities, and trends regarding leisure well-being and quality of life.

850 Human Resources Development in Leisure Studies (3)

Prerequisites: graduate standing and consent of instructor. Seminar in supervision including volunteer management, situational leadership, training, recruitment of personnel, coaching and counseling personnel, performance appraisal and personnel management systems. Employment and legal issues and individual styles of supervision and management are investigated.

862 Management of Leisure Services (3)

Prerequisite: REC 500 or 550 or equivalents; graduate standing; and consent of instructor. Organization and management of services in public and private leisure service agencies. Emphasis includes legal issues, fiscal resources, management trends, political issues, community involvement, organizational effectiveness, and current problems and issues affecting leisure service agencies.

880 Trends and Issues in Leisure Services (3)

Prerequisites: graduate standing and consent of instructor. Intensive study of selected problems in recreation.

890 Internship (3-9)

Prerequisite: consent of instructor. Field experience in recreation for among others, the hospitalized and handicapped in a medical, paramedical or institutional setting, or other settings under the supervision of specialists in recreation.

898 Master's Thesis (3)

Prerequisites: advancement to candidacy for the Master of Arts; REC 710 and consent of graduate major adviser. An approved thesis of applied research in recreation. Graduate Approved Program and Proposal for Culminating Experience Requirement forms must be approved by the Graduate Division before registration.

899 Special Study (3)

Prerequisites: consent of division graduate coordinator and supervising faculty member. Study is planned, developed, and completed under the direction of a member of the college. Open only to graduate students of demonstrated ability to do independent work. Enrollment by petition.

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