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Undergraduate Courses

431 Marketing (3)

Prerequisites: ACCT 101, ECON 100 and 101 (ECON 305 for non-business majors), ENG 214. Examination of marketing functions designed to satisfy an organization's target market's needs for goods, services, and ideas. Domestic and international settings used to show how organizations determine products, prices, promotion, and distribution.

432 Public Relations (3)

Prerequisite: MKTG 431. Study of communication, attitudes, opinion, ethical conduct, and responsible social performance as foundations of effective public relations. Examination of relevant current events and of public relations programs. Development of models for analysis and practice. Philosophical, historical, and environmental influences. Semester project.

433 Salesmanship (3)

Individual instruction and group analysis of psychological factors underlying prospect behavior from initial recognition of need to the final purchase of products and services. Case studies involving the development of sales strategy with the ultimate aim to develop a psychological point of view for the firm's sales program.

434 Advertising Theory and Practice (3)

Prerequisite: MKTG 431. Economic aspects of advertising; selection of media, testing effectiveness; organization for carrying out advertising activities, advertising principles and procedures.

435 Purchasing Management (3)

Prerequisite: MKTG 431. Strategic and operational purchasing of materials and services needed for both resale and production. Includes supplier selection and management, negotiations, and materials management.

436 Retail Management (3)

Prerequisite: MKTG 431. The organization of a single-unit and multi-unit retail institution. Operational problems of the firms, including store location, layout, merchandise handling, customer service, protection and expense control.

441 Marketing Channels (3)

Prerequisite: MKTG 431. Study of the transaction channels through which goods and services are sold and purchased. Includes study of the roles of marketing channel members and intermediaries.

443 Sales Promotion and Publicity (3)

Prerequisite: MKTG 431. Focuses on sales promotion and trade publicity, for trade fairs, corporate promotions, and special events. Promotion and publicity methods include point of purchase, trade press kits, contests, and a variety of advertising/promotion tools.

450 Marketing for Small Business (3)

Marketing for the smaller business: identification of product or service potential; advertising plans; marketing strategy; sales motivation and direction; purchasing procedures; inventory control.

521 Transportation and Logistics (3)

Prerequisite: ECON 101. The demands made by society, and buyers and sellers, upon our nation's transportation systems and the challenges facing the carriers and the government in meeting these demands.

527 Physical Distribution Management (3)

Prerequisite: BA 412 and MKTG 431. Physical distribution functions of the firm, especially as they relate to marketing and to purchasing: inventories, customer service, order processing, packaging, warehousing, and transportation.

567 Internship in Marketing (3)

Prerequisites: MKTG 431, consent of instructor, and appropriate employment. Coordinated training combining experience in a business field with academic analysis. Principles, theory, and practice applied to real situations. Individual study and conferences with instructor. Major report required. May be repeated for a total of six units with consent of instructor and department chair.

630 Advertising Campaigns (3)

Prerequisite: MKTG 434. Case studies and research of different types of advertising campaigns of products and services under objectives determined by marketing management; methods of communication; methods of planning, budgeting, and evaluating.

632 Marketing Research (3)

Prerequisites: BA 212, BICS 263, and MKTG 431. Development of an understanding of research design and methodology and of student's ability to analyze, evaluate, and utilize marketing research findings. Emphasis is upon case method as the basis of marketing decisions with computer applications.

633 Consumer Behavior (3)

Prerequisite: MKTG 431. Generalized behavioral models explore consumer needs and motivation incorporating psychological theory as it applies to personality traits, learning, perception, symbolism and communications, social influences and understanding consumer behavior as applied to the marketing plan.

637 Sales Management (3)

Prerequisite: MKTG 431. The role of the sales manager in line and staff planning. Organization and control of the field sales force. Selection, supervision, compensation and motivation of the sales force. Coordination of sales with other marketing functions. Measuring the sales manager's contribution to profitable operations.

649 Marketing Management (3)

Prerequisites: MKTG 431, 632, 633, and FIN 350. Case analysis involving planning, organizing, integrating, and measuring the total marketing plan. The overall problems of managing the marketing function of business. An integrated approach to the managerial supervision and control of marketing.

664 Seminar in Marketing Research (3)

Prerequisites: MKTG 632, 633. Current topics in advanced marketing research techniques and real world applications, with emphasis on training in data collection and analysis, including multivariate techniques. Computer spreadsheets and statistical packages used throughout course. Paired with MKTG 864. Students who have completed MKTG 664 may not take MKTG 864 later for credit.

680 International Marketing Management (3)

Prerequisites: IBUS 330 and MKTG 431 or consent of instructor. Environmental factors affecting world marketing management; consumer and industrial products market patterns; establishing channels of distribution; management of marketing functions including communication, pricing, product policy, promotion, financing, and logistics.

Graduate Courses

860 Strategic Marketing (3)

Prerequisite: BUS 787. A case, issues-oriented seminar integrating corporate mission with the development of strategic marketing plans for product-markets. Selecting marketing planning units, situational analysis, target market strategies, positioning statements, all reflecting short/long range environment in a global context.

861 Consumer Behavior Seminar (3)

Prerequisite: BUS 787. Psychology and other social sciences as they contribute to the understanding and predicting of consumer behavior. Theories of motivation, clinical and statistical approaches to analysis of motivation, use of systems and models in predicting consumer response and applications in advertising and personal selling.

862 Seminar in Advertising (3)

Prerequisite: BUS 787 or consent of instructor. Theoretical and conceptual analysis of the influence and communication forces of advertising in light of changing economic, social and governmental conditions; quantitative aspects of advertising problems.

863 Retail Management Seminar (3)

Prerequisite: BUS 787 or consent of instructor. Retail management problems evolving from social and economic change. Operations research, automation and mechanization as a means of increasing efficiency. Case projects explore the marketing concept of retail management.

864 Seminar in Marketing Research Seminar (3)

Prerequisites: BUS 782 and 787. Current topics in advanced marketing research techniques and real world applications, with emphasis on training in data collection and analysis, including multivariate techniques. Computer spreadsheets and statistical packages used throughout course. Paired with MKTG 664. Students who have completed MKTG 664 may not take MKTG 864 for credit.

865 Seminar in Marketing Management (3)

Prerequisite: MKTG 860. State-of-the-art topics from current academic and business research applied to contemporary marketing practice. Topics vary to keep pace with changes in marketing.

867 Corporate Relations (3)

Prerequisite: BUS 787. Examines the role of proactive corporate relations and crisis marketing communications to create a strategic communications plan using press kits, special events, case analysis, press conference simulations, media coaching, multimedia presentations, and videoconferencing for positive news and disasters.

868 Marketing of Non-Profit Organizations (3)

Marketing seminar involving theory and case studies of non-profit units. These include candidates, governmental units, charitable organizations, religious and political groups, special interest groups, unions and associations. Written case studies and student presentations.

880 Seminar in International Marketing Management (3)

Prerequisite: BUS 787. Advanced treatment of such areas as: international market entry and expansion, organizing for world marketing management, financial and legal factors affecting world marketing management, world marketing strategy and long-range planning and policy formulation.

888 Product Development and Management (3)

Prerequisite: graduate standing. Identifies innovative marketing strategies, familiarizes students with product development and management processes for creating new products and bringing them to the market. Students learn how to develop professional marketing plans for new or existing products.

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