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Undergraduate Courses

100 Introduction to Library Research (3)

Introduction to basic library information resources: identification and location of types of library materials and techniques for locating, evaluating, and organizing information. Recommended for freshman, sophomores, special admission, and reentry students. Fulfills the university Library Skills requirement.

301 Information Retrieval and Assessment (3)

Prerequisite: ENG 214 or its equivalent. Library research methodology, subject bibliography, and new technologies for information retrieval. Development of skills for effective literature searches, information assessment techniques, summarizing and abstracting of data, and organization and presentation of data in a variety of bibliographic formats. Fulfills the university Library Skills requirement.

302 Introduction to Automated Research (2)

Prerequisite: upper division status or consent of instructor. An introduction to the automated research tools now commonly in use in many academic, business, and government organizations. Students receive hands-on instruction which acquaints them with the resources available to find the latest statistical, legal, and current affairs information. Effective and efficient search strategies are emphasized, as well as the interface between automated tools and more traditional paper resources. Fulfills the university Library Skills requirement.

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