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Undergraduate Courses

105 La Raza Thought and Expression (3)

An introduction to the elements of logical analysis and an examination of common fallacies in argument using materials relevant to the experience of Raza students in America.

110 Critical Thinking and the Raza Experience (3) [GE]

Developing basic skills involved in understanding, criticizing, and constructing arguments by using materials reflective of experience of La Raza and the Third World culture in the United States. (Also offered as AIS/AAS/BL S/ETHS 110.)

210 Latino Health Care Perspectives (3) [GE]

Diseases and health conditions that are prevalent in the underserved Third World populations; specifically, the socioeconomic, political, racial, cultural, and environmental factors that influence these conditions in La Raza communities in Latin American and the United States.

214 Second Year Written Composition: La Raza (3) [GE]

Prerequisite: ENG 114. Requires weekly exercises in writing logically developed compositions focusing on one central thesis. Attention given to effective content organization, sentence structure, paragraph and essay development. Special attention given to bilingual students' writing problems. Must be taken after student has completed 24 units and before completing 60 units. ABC/NC grading.

215 Introduction to La Raza Studies (3)

Introduction to the philosophy, methodology, and structure of La Raza Studies. Emphasis on the relations between the La Raza community and American higher educational institutions. Required for majors and minors in La Raza Studies.

225 Survey of Raza Visual Images (3)

Tracing the history of Raza visual images via Hollywood, Latin America and the Raza community. A practical understanding of the social, political, and economic context from which these visual images emerged. Special emphasis on the works of Raza media artists in the United States and Latin America.

230 Introduction to Contemporary Raza Literature (3) [GE]

Provides the student with an awareness of the significance of the cultural and aesthetic values of contemporary Latinos through the use of Raza literary masterpieces in poetry, drama, and the short story.

260 Art Workshop of La Raza (3)

Survey of traditional art forms of La Raza. Conceptual and technical aspects of mural and easel painting, silkscreen and graphics as practiced by La Raza in Latin America and the United States. Design and development of projects for exhibition.

276 La Raza, Government, Ideals, and Constitution (3) [US,CA]

La Raza experience in the U.S. Specific regard to basic governmental/political institutions and underlying socio-political ideals. Developmental analysis of La Raza impact on legal-constitutional America and countervailing impact of political-legal structures imposed on La Raza. Satisfies the U.S. government and the California state and local government requirement. (See U.S. History and Government Requirement which includes California State and Local Government Requirement.)

280 Acculturation Problems of La Raza (3) [GE]

Examines the socio-psychological impact of the acculturation/assimilation process on the Latino primarily in the United States.

320 Art History of La Raza (3) [GE]

Comprehensive study in conceptual and technical aspects of the visual arts movements in Latin America from 1900-present and its developmental relationship to values, cultural identity and artistic expression of Raza communities in the United States.

350 Pre-Hispanic Art of Mexico (3)

For course description, see ART 500.

376 History of La Raza in the United States (3) [US]

Survey of La Raza history from pre-colonial to contemporary times. Lecture topics focus on the social, cultural, political, and economic heritage of La Raza and their contributions to American society. Satisfies the U.S. history requirement. (See U.S. History and Government Requirement.)

390 Selected Topics in La Raza (3)

Prerequisite: upper division standing or consent of instructor. Topic to be specified in Class Schedule. Seminar themes for research and critical analysis. May be repeated for a total of fifteen units for credit.

410 La Raza Women (3) [GE]

A comprehensive study of political, social, economic, and cultural influences affecting the Raza woman in the United States and Latin America. Emphasis is on La Raza women in the United States.

415 The Socio-Economics of La Raza (3) [GE]

The major external forces which influence the La Raza Community and help to shape the La Raza experience: analyzing major economic, social service, and educational institutions; the influence of the media, religion, and social value systems upon the La Raza community. May be repeated once for credit.

425 Comparative Music Folklore (3)

Coordinated study of specific problems in Latin America music research. Creative individual and class projects explore divergent cultural/aesthetic values in community musical productions. Development of knowledge, research, creative experience, and awareness in community programs.

430 La Raza and the Law (3)

Analysis of the causes of high rates of arrests and imprisonments of peoples of La Raza in the United Stated; comprarisons and contrasts with the national average and with other ethnic groups.

435 Oral History and Traditions (3)

Prerequisite: upper dividion standing or consent of instructor. Comprehensive study of Latin American and Southwestern U.S. popular culture. Study and analysis of the various ethnic groups in Latin America and their contributions to the oral history and traditions of La Raza in the United States.

450 Indigenismo: Indigenous Culture and Personality (3) [GE]

Culture and traditions of indigenous peoples of Latin America. Critical in-depth study of contemporary society, traditional medical systems, healing methodologies, religion, sorcery, magic, etc. and its relationship to La Raza in the United States.

460 Central Americans of the United States: History and Heritage (3) [GE]

Developmental relationship between United States communities of Central America origin and historical, socioeconomic and cultural factors of contemporary Central America; nationalistic movements, migrations to United States, economic dependence, social change, art, and society.

490 La Raza Teatro Workshop (3) [GE]

Works by La Raza playwrights. Discussion of La Raza theater, its development and how it relates to the cultural aspects of La Raza people. May be repeated once for credit.

500 La Raza Community Mental Health (3) [GE]

Seminar, analyzing the existing mental health services throughout the Bay Area, to determine whether these services are relevant to the La Raza community. The study concentrates on the La Raza student and how he views himself and his relationships with others in and outside his culture.

501 Latin America: The National Period (3)

Prerequisite: HIST 214 or equivalent; upper division standing or consent of instructor. For course description, see HIST 501. (Also offered as ANTH/S S 501.)

510 Psychodynamics of the La Raza Family Structure (3) [GE]

The psychological structure of the family; psychodynamics of family relationships in the light of particular subcultural influences characteristic of La Raza ethnic background. Sex-role delineations.

520 North and South American Cultural Expression (3) [GE]

For description, see HUM 520.

530 La Raza and the Media (3) [GE]

An examination of the social, political and economic effects of the mass media on La Raza people; special emphasis on Spanish-language media and learning media research skills.

535 La Raza Journalism (3)

Prerequisite: LARA 530. Principles and techniques of journalistic process. Reporting, newswriting, editing and production of a La Raza community newspaper. May be repeated once for credit.

560 Contemporary Literature of La Raza (3)

The literature produced by the people of La Raza both in the United States and in Latin America during this century. Concentration on the writings produced since 1950 and an examination as to the ways in which the writers of La Raza are expressing and furthering the movement of their people.

570 Philosophy of La Raza (3)

A critical examination of the ethical values and the philosophical assumptions underlying these values; the American judicial, educational and governmental institutions and a comparison of these values and assumptions with those of the La Raza community.

580 Impact of Education on La Raza (3)

Prerequisite: consent of instructor. An examination of educational processes as they affect the La Raza child.

640 Sociology of La Raza (3)

Sociological perspectives on La Raza American culture and social structure, including background, present nature and changing patterns.

660 Contemporary Movements in La Raza (3)

Role and significance of the Brown Berets, the high school and college student movements of La Raza, the community-based organizations like Crusade for Justice, the return-of-the-lands movement of the Alianza, and the United Farm Workers Union.

680 La Raza and Community Organizing (3) [GE]

La Raza and community organizing; mobilization and action toward the resolution of community problems; elements and techniques of organizing; development of leadership and community resources; acquisition and direction of power; analysis of the existing organizations and their definitions of community priorities and goals.

690 La Raza Community Field Work (3)

Assignment to off-campus community organizations in consultation with a faculty adviser. Development of knowledge, experience and training in community organizations. To accompany or follow LARA 680. May be repeated once for credit.

698 Senior Seminar in La Raza Studies (3)

Prerequisite: completion of nine units in La Raza Studies. Research seminar for advanced students. Investigation of educational, sociological, psychological, political, economic, historical and cultural aspects of the La Raza experience, particularly as these pertain to La Raza Studies curriculum and programs.

699 Special Study (1-3)

Prerequisites: approval of the department and the instructor concerned. An intensive study of a particular problem in La Raza Studies under the direction of a member of the department.

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