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College of Behavioral and Social Sciences
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Undergraduate Courses

250 Introduction to the Study of Labor (3) [GE]

The study of labor in the United States. The nature of work, the development and characteristics of the work force, the history and present nature of labor organizations, and patterns of labor–management relationships.

251 Know Your Work Rights (3) [GE]

Hands-on approach to understanding basic statutory protections covering California workers, including wage and hour; work place safety, health, and sanitation; workers' compensation; discrimination; union activity; pregnancy and parental leave; discipline and discharge; unemployment and disability insurance; social security, health, and pension benefits.

300 Researching Labor Issues (3)

Prerequisite: LABR 250. Methods of research and analysis used in understanding labor issues. Case studies and contemporary issues selected from such areas as collective bargaining, arbitration and mediation, legislation, regulative and administrative law, employment discrimination and union governance.

343 Women and Work (3) [GE]

For course description, see S S 343. (Also offered as ANTH 343.)

400 Union Structure and Administration (3)

Internal union functions, structures, finances and administration. Legal requirements for reporting under the National Labor Relations Act, Taft-Hartley and Landrum-Griffin. Brief survey of collective bargaining for financing of health and welfare benefits, insurance, pensions, and other negotiated benefits in a union contract.

423 Affirmative Action (3)

For course description, see S S 423.

474 History of Labor in the United States (3)

For course description, see HIST 474. (Also offered as ECON 474.)

500 Labor and Government (4)

Exploration of labor-government relations at local, state and national levels. Consideration of labor's political action in relation to legislative, executive and judicial branches of government and in the electoral process; examination of government's responses as they protect or restrict labor's interest. (Also offered as PLSI 500.)

510 Labor Economics (3)

Problems of labor; unemployment, hours, wages, industrial disputes. The structure, functions, and policies of union organizations. Students enrolling in LABR/ECON 510 may not take ECON 810 later for credit. (Also offered as ECON 510.)

511 Collective Bargaining (3)

For course description, see ECON 511.

570 Urban Health Policy (3) [GE]

For course description, see URBS 570.

600 Current Topics in Labor (3)

Topic to be specified in Class Schedule. Current issues and problems in Labor Studies, such as quality of work life, labor and art, labor law, etc. May be repeated for credit when topic varies. No prerequisites.

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