Bulletin--Humanistic Studies Discipline


College of Humanities

Undergraduate Courses

250 Creativity in the Humanities (3) [GE]

The creative process as it guides the humanities, both in knowledge-seeking and in the humanizing of art; direct experience in finding appropriate materials and tools, developing meaningful images, and knowing through making; creativity in theory and practice. (Also offered as HUM 250.)

350 Credit by Evaluation for Experiential Learning (3-6)

Preparation of a portfolio documenting prior learning experiences and translating the learning into academic format. Individual work done under the supervision of a faculty member. May be repeated for credit.

400 The Nuclear World: Evolution of an Impasse (3) [GE]

For course description, see IR 400.

425 Thought and Image I (3) [GE]

Prerequisite: ENG 114 or equivalent. Exemplary works in the arts and humanities studied as central expressions of the meanings and values of their respective cultures. Works are paired from differing cultures on a global scale for cross-cultural comparison. CHS/HUM 425 and IAC 426 need not be taken in sequence. (Also offered as HUM 425.)

430 Selected Topics in Humanistic Studies (3)

Topic to be specified in Class Schedule. Selected topics of study in broad areas of the humanities or related fields. May be repeated for credit when topic varies.

514 Preparation for Graduate Writing (3)

Prerequisites: graduate standing; must have taken Graduate Essay Test (GET). Designed for students who need to increase their writing proficiency in preparation for graduate-level work. May not be used to meet master's degree GAP requirements. CR/NC grading only.

695 Speech Communication/Humanities Internship (3)

For course description, see SPCH 695.

699 Special Study (1-3)

Individual supervision of intensive independent work on a particular interdisciplinary problem or subject in the humanities chosen by the student.

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