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College of Health and Human Services
(See Consumer and Family Studies/Dietetics in the Academic Programs section for information on degrees)

Undergraduate Courses

152 Computer Applications in Foodservice Management and Nutrition (3)

Use of computer systems and established software for problem solving in foodservice system managment, menu planning and cost control, and nutrition analysis of menus and diets. Classwork, two units; laboratory, one unit.

153 Analysis of Foods (3)

For course description, see CHEM 153.

253 Nutrition in Health and Disease (3)

Prerequisites: CHEM 101 and 102 or equivalent. Nutrient needs for maintaining positive nutritional status. Diets to fit specific health needs. Focus on primary nutritional care. Use of self-paced learning materials and computer assisted instruction. For students in health professions.

350 Experimental Food Study (4)

Prerequisite: CFS 250, DIET 153, CHEM 130. Food components and their interactions. Chemical and physical principles applied to foods. Recipe testing and formulation. Emphasis on developments of experimental attitudes and techniques applicable to food science. Classwork, three units; laboratory, one unit.

450 Advanced Nutrition (3)

Prerequisites: BIOL 610/611; CHEM 349; DIET 152/253. Recent research in human nutrient requirements and metabolic interrelationships of proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, vitamins, minerals, and non-nutritive substances found in foods.

451 Nutritional Assessment in the Community (3)

Prerequisite: DIET 450 (may be concurrent). Nutritional assessment methodology and application to community and clinical settings. Assessment protocols and practice. Nutrition counseling strategies. Nutrition program planning and evaluation. Nutrition legislation and public policy. Classwork, two units; laboratory, one unit.

452 Food Service Layout and Design (3)

Prerequisites: CFS 250, 353, and DIET 458. Concurrent enrollment with DIET 458. Structural and environmental principles in the design of food production facilities from receiving to dining services. Fundamentals for the selection and placement of food service equipment. Classwork, two units; laboratory, one unit.

458 Management of Quantity Food Purchasing and Production (3)

Prerequisites: CFS 250, CFS 353, CFS 285 or DIET 152. Purchasing systems and food specifications. Implementation of purchasing principles and procedures related to quantity food production and quality control. Organization and management of quantity food production and service: menu planning, standardized recipes, food merchandising, cost control. Classwork, two units; laboratory, one unit.

459 Quantity Food Production Laboratory (1)

Prerequisite: DIET 458 (may be concurrent). Practical experience in the preparation and management of quantity food production in accordance with standards and techniques for food production, sanitation and safety, marketing and food cost control.

484 Clinical Dietetics (3)

Prerequisites: DIET 253, CHEM 349, BIOL 610/611. The health care team and roles in nutritional care of clients in various settings. Basic assessment strategies and record keeping for clinical dietetics. Quality assurance. Nutrition education for outpatient clients.

485 Seminar in Clinical Nutrition and Patient Care (3)

Prerequisites: BIOL 610 and 611, CHEM 349, DIET 152, 253, 484, 450 or concurrent enrollment. Culminating experiences in analyzing and integrating research in nutritional diet therapy. Application to health care in clinical/community environments. Designing dietary components of patient care plans. Diet counseling techniques.

552 Computer Applications in Foodservice Systems (3)

Prerequisite: an introductory class in computer applications, data processing, or DIET 152. Use of computer systems and established software to solve problems in foodservice in various types of feeding establishments. Classwork, two units; laboratory, one unit.

555 Selected Topics in Dietetics (1-3)

Prerequisite: course work in dietetics or related area. Topic to be specified in Class Schedule. In-depth study focused on community, foodservice systems management or patient care components of dietetics. May be repeated for credit when topics vary.

655 Professional Communication in Dietetics (3)

Prerequisites: completion of foundation requirements; senior standing. Objectives, methods, resources, and evaluation techniques for educational programs in commercial/community settings in dietetics. Development of knowledges, attitudes, and skills as a communicator/dietetic educator. Classwork, two units; laboratory, one unit.

658 Foodservice Systems in Facilities for Older Adults (3)

Prerequisite: baccalaureate degree and admission to the certificate program. Organization and administration of quantity foodservice in acute, intermediate, and residential care facilities serving older adults. Quality control of food and the foodservice environment. Merchandising and marketing of food in non-profit and for-profit settings.

Graduate Courses

785 Nutritional Care for Older Adults (3)

Prerequisites: baccalaureate degree and admission to the certificate program. Designing dietary components of patient/client care plans in acute, skilled, and residential care settings for older adults. Planning and analyzing nutritional care strategies in congregate and home-delivered meals.

881 Internship (3-8)

Prerequisites: baccalaureate degree and admission to the certificate program. Field experience in dietetics in private/public for-profit or non-profit organizations which enable acquisition of knowledge and performance competencies required by The American Dietetic Association. May be repeated for a total of eighteen units of credit. CR/NC grading only.

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