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Undergraduate Courses

110 The Arts of Industry (3) [GE]

Materials and processes of industry basic to technological culture. Student problem solving in design and construction technics. Laboratory.

210 Industrial Science (3)

An overview of the nature, properties, and processing of common industrial materials used in the design and production of today's manufactured products. Includes metallics, plastics, wood, and paper, fibers and textiles, ceramics, coatings, and composite materials. Lecture.

300 Design I (3) [GE]

Prerequisite: upper division standing or consent of instructor. Creativity and the design process. Focus on individual and group creative problem solving related to graphic communications and product design/development for industry. Laboratory.

320 Drafting and Sketching for Design (3) [GE]

Prerequisite: upper division standing or consent of instructor. Mechanical and freehand drawing, the reproduction of drawings, and interpretation of graphic projections. Perspective drawing and the common elements of technical illustration. Signs and symbols of design and drafting. Extra fee required. Laboratory.

321 Introduction to Computer-Aided Drafting (3) [GE]

A study of the fundamentals of two-dimensional geometric image generation techniques to familiarize the student with computer-aided drafting (CAD) through hands-on practices. To acquaint the student with available microcomputer CAD hardware and software. Extra fee required.

322 Introduction to Graphic Communication (3)

Prerequisite: upper division standing or consent of instructor. History, analysis, and study of graphic communication fundamentals. To include the study of form, content, function, color theory, image reproduction, and careers.

323 Industrial Visuals (3)

An introductory course which covers the conceptual and production skills which underscore a variety of industrial visuals. Students learn the thought processes in pre-production; the technical skills to produce videos, slide shows; and the critical skills to edit all their visual outcomes.

324 Industrial Communications (3)

Surveys most forms of technical writing and speaking. The course begins with brief documents such as memos and letters, and moves toward extended and formal technical documents and presentations.

325 Industrial Photography (3)

Application of black and white photo processing, printing and display techniques for industry and industrial education. Extensive darkroom work in use of materials, equipment, and processes.

326 Graphic Reproduction Technology I (3) [GE]

Typographic design and reproduction techniques. Materials, tools, and processes of graphic technology. Fundamentals of copy preparation and photomechanics for photolithography. Laboratory.

330 Power and Energy (3)

Development, technical advances, current practices and trends in the use of energy in power systems, machinery, industry, and transportation. Laboratory.

332 Electric Energy (4) [GE]

Prerequisite: upper division standing or consent of instructor. Fundamentals of A/C and D/C circuit theory. Principles of generation, power distribution, and motors. Application of theory to practical problems in home and industry. Extra fee required. Classwork, three units; laboratory, one unit.

342 Metal Technology I (3) [GE]

Introduction to the theories, practices and basic problems relating to metal working. Care of tools and measuring instruments. Operation of the lathe and the technique of turning and finishing various metals. Laboratory.

343 Wood Technology I (3) [GE]

Basic woodworking practices presented through design and construction activities using hand and machine tools. Safety, identification and selection of wood, appropriate joinery and adhesives, suitable fasteners and basic tool maintenance as related to student selected projects. Laboratory.

344 Plastics Technology I (3) [GE]

Prerequisite: upper division standing or consent of instructor. History and development of the plastics industry including basic materials, processes, and technology. Extra fee required. Laboratory.

356 A History of Industrial Design/Technology (3) [GE]

Prerequisite: upper division standing or consent of instructor. A history of design/technology related to industrial tools, materials, processes.

370 Colloquium (3)

Analysis of employment possibilities in industrial education and/or industry to provide basis for career counseling. Discussion of problems relating to occupational clusters. Trends in industrial education and/or industry. Planning, designing, and developing D.A.I. teacher education and interdisciplinary programs.

400 Design II (3)

Prerequisite: DAI 300 or equivalent. Two- and three-dimensional design through renderings, displays, pictorials, exhibits, charts, graphs, printouts, and visuals. Development of style. Laboratory.

405 How to Develop, Patent, and Market an Idea (3)

Presentations by experts from the field concerning consumer trends, procedures, pitfalls, advantages, and disadvantages involved in developing, patenting, and marketing your new ideas or products.

406 Model Development Laboratory (3)

Prerequisite: DAI 300 or equivalent or consent of instructor. Instruction and practice in the rudiments of model building for the industrial designer. Application of theory to the production of various levels of models including presentation-grade models. Extra fee required. Laboratory.

410 Concepts in Design and Designing (3) [GE]

Presented as an interdisciplinary investigation of the functions of design in the marketplace, in the arts, and in personal living; offered, not as a specialist skill, but as a constructive life attitude.

420 Technical Drawing and Illustration for Design (3)

Prerequisite: DAI 320 or equivalent. Media, methods, materials, and means of illustration as applied to technical subjects. Development of freehand drawing skills and use of commercial aids. Extra fee required. Laboratory.

421 Design Computer Graphics (3)

Prerequisite: DAI 321. Focus on using the digital computer as a design tool through programming to create and manipulate graphic imagery. Programming language BASIC and laboratory computer graphics projects. No mathematical or computer background required. Extra fee required.

423 Applied Graphics Design (3)

Prerequisite: consent of instructor. Artwork used for preparation of printed matter. Layout drawing, type, decorations, paste-up, commercial aids, materials, tools, and methods. Laboratory.

424 Product Illustration (3)

Prerequisite: upper division standing. Illustration of product and graphic design ideas. Three-dimensional sketching and rendering techniques are included.

425 Visual Image and Typography (3)

Prerequisite: DAI 423 or consent of instructor. History, analysis, and study of typographic design and visual images and their utilization in the problem solving process of design. Experimentation in contemporary applications of type and letterforms as design elements.

426 Graphic Reproduction Technology II (3)

Prerequisite: DAI 326 or equivalent. Machine and cold type composition; automatic relief and offset reproduction processes; papers and inks and their application in graphic arts. Laboratory.

430 Electromechanical Fundamentals (3)

Prerequisite: upper division standing or consent of instructor. Study of DC/AC concepts associated with motors, generators, transformers, control devices, and electrical distribution systems as they pertain to industry applications. Application of theory to practical problems in home and industry.

432 Electronics I (3)

Prerequisite: DAI 332 or equivalent. Study of DC/AC motors, generators, control components, analysis and design of relay and solid-state control circuits. Applications of theory to practical problems at home and in industry.

440 Manufacturing Process and Systems (2)

Prerequisite: upper division standing or consent of instructor. Study of major mechanical equipment and systems for manufacturing processes. Topics include: site selection, facility planning and development, process flow and system operation, and maintenance/service functions.

442 Metal Technology II (3)

Prerequisite: DAI 342 or equivalent. Selection of materials; turning, shaping, casting, and welding; methods of fabrication and finishing; introduction to heat-treatment of various metals. Laboratory.

443 Wood Technology II (3)

Prerequisite: DAI 343. Physical, chemical, and mechanical properties of wood manufacturing processes, developments, and applications. Laboratory.

444 Plastics Technology II (3)

Prerequisite: DAI 344. Reaction analysis of fillers, solvents, plasticizers, colorants, and physical properties through basic polymer chemistry. Design application of molding compounds, casting resins, coatings, adhesives, structural shapes, forms, laminates, fibers, and filaments. Laboratory.

450 Industrial Safety (2)

Principles of safety in industrial, occupational, and school situations. California OSHA legislation, inspections, chemical hazards, chemical waste handling, environmental considerations, machinery conditions, fire, lighting, and general safety.

460 Automated Manufacturing Systems (2)

Prerequisite: DAI 321, 430, or equivalent, or consent of instructor. A comprehensive study of CIM, Computer Integrated Manufacturing system, including such major topics as: Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP), integration methodologies, flexible manufacturing systems, MAP/TOP, and group technology.

470 Portfolio Preparation (1)

Development, types, containers of visual materials for showing the products of a student in a handy format, ready for presentation upon completion of schooling. May be repeated for a total of two units.

475 Topics in Design and Industry (1-3)

Topic and units to be specified in Class Schedule. Presentation and discussion of current innovative technological practices. May be repeated for credit as topic varies.

500 Industrial Research (3)

Identification, definition, and solution of problems related to industry.

505 Industrial Development (3)

Prerequisite: DAI 500 or equivalent. Development of ideas based on previous research under assigned faculty supervision. Visualization of industrial problems with mock-ups, prototypes, and pilot models. May be repeated for a total of nine units of credit. Classwork, two units; laboratory, one unit.

510 Industrial Quality Control (2)

Prerequisites: MATH 107, BA 212 or MATH 124, and BA 110 or MATH 110. Applications at the supervisory level of the overall quality plan for manufacturing. Quality assurance, testing, shop and field inspection techniques, material review, source inspection, vendor surveillance, and quality audit.

521 Industrial Computer-Aided Design (3)

Prerequisites: DAI 321 and 421 or equivalent, and consent of instructor. Industry standard computer-aided drafting. Use of digital computer to develop working drawings in architectural and industrial design. Practice with industrial input and output device. Extra fee required. Laboratory.

523 Advertising Design and Graphics Industry (2)

Production and process related to the printed media. Aesthetic and psychological factors in layout and design. Provides the business and industry student with a working knowledge of design and graphics as related to advertising, marketing, and public relations.

524 Presentations and Exhibits (3)

Prerequisite: upper division standing or consent of instructor. Development of multi-media materials for presentations and exhibits. Methods of communicating diverse subject matter through various media, three dimensional devices, and representative models. Final solutions consolidate these techniques with spatial criteria presented in a formal exhibit format.

526 Graphic Reproduction Technology III (3)

Prerequisite: DAI 426 or equivalent. Offset lithographic and relief (letterpress) graphic reproduction from copy preparation to finished product, including halftone photomechanics and special effects; related materials, tools and processes. Laboratory.

532 Applied Digital Electronics (3)

Prerequisite: DAI 332 or consent of instructor. Study of basic Transistor-Transistor-Logic (TTL) gates, combinational logic systems, counters, registers, encoders, decoders, Analog/Digital (A/D), D/A, and the tools/techniques used for analysis and application of digital circuits. Extra fee may be required. Laboratory.

533 Microprocessor Fundamentals (3)

Prerequisites: DAI 332 and 532 or consent of instructor. An analysis of microcomputer hardware systems and their functions and operations. Topics include: overview of microprocessors, peripheral devices, hardware technology, software programming and interfacing.

543 Wood Technology III (3)

Prerequisite: DAI 343 or equivalent. Organization, management, and maintenance of institutional and industrial research laboratories for wood technology. Laboratory.

575 Workshop (1-3)

Prerequisite: senior standing. Topic to be specified in Class Schedule. Advanced problems in specified areas of industrial technology and education. May be repeated for credit as topics vary. Extra fee required. Laboratory.

576 Supervised Experience (3 or 5)

Prerequisite: senior standing with major in D.A.I. In-service experience in a special field. Directed experience in teaching and/or industry.

623 Problems and Projects in Graphics (2)

Prerequisite: DAI 423. Production of graphic materials in relation to a specific topic or field with emphasis on originality, skill, and speed. May be repeated twice for a total of four units. Laboratory.

626 Microcomputer Applications in Graphic Communication Technology (3) [GE]

Prerequisites: DAI 326 or 423; consent of instructor. Advanced studies in graphic communication technology. Electronic image generation, computer-aided copyfitting, copyscaling, line, halftone photographic conversion, electronic page layout and composition, and desktop publishing techniques. Emphasis on microcomputer applications and software.

Graduate Courses

700 Introduction to Graduate Study (3)

Prerequisite: departmental permission. Orientation to graduate study. Identification of problems, techniques of research, and interpretation of findings. Required of all candidates for the master's degree. Must be completed in first semester of enrollment as classified graduate student.

705 Seminar in Industrial Technology (3)

Prerequisite: DAI 700 or equivalent. Current curricular philosophies, programs, problems, and issues in industrial technology.

750 Seminar in Industrial Education (3)

Prerequisite: DAI 700 or equivalent. Problems and issues in industrial education. Current philosophies, programs, and their historical origins.

752 Selected Problems in Industrial Education (3)

Prerequisite: DAI 700 or equivalent. Topic to be specified in Class Schedule. Seminar in selected problems in industrial education. Choice of topics based on current issues or determined by student interests or needs. May be repeated for credit as topics vary.

755 Seminar in Administration (3)

Prerequisite: DAI 700 or equivalent. Organization of administrative structures and associated problems of management, supervision, finance, materials, and personnel in industry and industrial education.

800 Seminar in Design (3)

Prerequisite: DAI 700 or equivalent. Advanced design theory and practice. Special techniques in individual and group approaches to problem solving in design.

805 Selected Problems in Design (3)

Prerequisite: consent of instructor. Topic to be specified in Class Schedule. Seminar in problems related to a specific topic in the area of design. May be repeated for credit when topics vary.

852 Directed Experience in Design and Industry (3)

Prerequisites: consent of graduate major adviser, supervising faculty member, and department chairperson. Specified activities related to interdisciplinary studies in industrial and technology education, design, or industrial technology.

894 Creative Work Project (3)

Prerequisites: advancement to candidacy for the Master of Arts and approval by departmental graduate committee. Investigation of a specific practical problem in the areas of design, industry, or industrial education. Culminating work consists of a model, mock-up, or prototype accompanied by a written report. Graduate Approved Program and Proposal for Culminating Experience Requirement forms must be approved by the Graduate Division before registration.

898 Master's Thesis (3)

Prerequisites: advancement to candidacy for the Master of Arts and approval of the major adviser. An intensive, systematic study of a significant topic or problem in Design and Industry. The final written work must evidence originality, critical and independent thinking, appropriate organization and methodology, clarity of purpose, thorough documentation and relevant conclusions. Graduate Approved Program and Proposal for Culminating Experience Requirement forms must be approved by the Graduate Division before registration.

899 Independent Study (3)

Prerequisites: enrollment by petition approved by the supervising instructor, the major adviser, and the department chair. Special study of a particular problem in industry or industrial education conducted under the direction of a faculty member. May be repeated for credit.

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