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College of Behavioral and Social Sciences
(See Critical Social Thought in the Academic Programs section for information on the minor)

Undergraduate Courses

300 Introduction to Critical Social Thought (3)

The tradition and development of critical social thought in interaction with social-economic, political conditions from Kant, Hegel, and Marx in the nineteenth century to twentieth century Marxism, phenomenology, and feminism.

312 Capitalist Hegemony and Third World Resistance (3) [GE]

For course description, see HIST 312.

316 Media and Bourgeois Society (3) [GE]

For course description, see HIST 316.

320 Racism: Cross-Cultural Analysis (3) [GE]

For course description, see ANTH 320.

400 Topics in Critical Social Thought (3)

Topic to be specified in Class Schedule. Selected special topics in Critical Social Thought, with emphasis on a specific theme, problem, or area. May be repeated for credit.

584 Postmodernism and Capitalism (3)

Prerequisite: ENG 214. The following issues are studied: postmodernism; late capitalism; the connection between postmodernism and late-capitalist society, and how late-capitalist center and peripheries differ in their approaches to postmodernism. (Also offered as HIST 584.)

585 Multinational Corporations and World Cultures (4) [GE]

Prerequisites: ANTH 120; ENG 214 or equivalent. The effects of multinational corporate activities on the cultures, as distinct from (though related to) the economies, of non-western societies. Ethnographic and ecological studies by anthropologists in a variety of world cultures. Theoretical and ethical implications of social scientific work on giant companies are discussed. (Also offered as ANTH 585.)

590 Anthropology of Women (3) [GE]

Critical reassessment of ethnographic, physical, anthropological, and pre-historical materials on women. Theories on origins of the family, social structuring of sexuality, and changing sex and gender in modern societies. (Also offered as ANTH/WOMS 590.)

680 Integrative Seminar in Critical Social Thought (3)

Prerequisite: consent of instructor. Culminating seminar in critical social thought integrating theoretical and analytical perspectives. Each student undertakes a project based upon his/her interest and program of courses in the minor.

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