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Undergraduate Courses

250 Archaeology of the Ancient World (3) [GE]

Introductory survey class in the archaeology of the ancient world. Emphasis on the artistic and cultural achievements of Egypt, the Ancient Near East, Greece and Rome, and on the interaction of the art with society.

497 Writing for Museums, Galleries, and Other Institutions (3)

Prerequisites: ENG 214 or equivalent and passing score on diagnostic writing test administered during first week of class. Writing and editing guidebooks, labels, brochures, articles, reports, and catalogues for museums, galleries, and other cultural institutions. Includes audience-analysis, writing, editing, and formatting. (Also offered as ANTH 497.)

500-501 Ancient Egyptian Civilization (3) [GE]

Ancient Egyptian civilization from Pre-dynastic through Ptolemaic times, analyzing art, archaeology, literature, and religion with research use of Sutro Egyptian Collection. CLAR 500 covers period through Middle Kingdom; CLAR 501 covers New Kingdom and the empire, with emphasis on Egypt's role in ancient Africa.

502 Ancient Egyptian Language and Literature (3) [GE]

Understanding, reading, and writing of the ancient Egyptian language in its hieroglyphic script. Prose tales, poetry, religious, and scientific documents. May be repeated for credit.

507-508 Ancient Roman Civilization (3 each)

Ancient Roman civilization from the foundation of Rome to the reign of Justinian, based on archaeological collections and encompassing the history, languages, and arts. CLAR 507 recommended as prerequisite to CLAR 508.

515-516 Ancient Greek Civilization (3 each)

Original monuments of ancient Greece in their historical setting from the Neolithic to the Roman period. First semester: ends with the time of the Persian Wars and concentrates on the Mycenean period; second semester: from the Golden Age of Pericles to the reign of the Roman Emperor Hadrian.

520 Major Arts of Greece (3)

Topic to be specified in Class Schedule. Intensive study of selected Greek masterpieces of architecture, sculpture, and painting from Mycenean to the Hellenistic periods with emphasis on the creations of individual masters. May be repeated for credit as topics vary.

650 Museum Conservation and Restoration (3)

Prerequisite: ENG 114 or equivalent. Theory and practice in museum conservation and restoration, using the Sutro Egyptian Collection for hands-on experiences. Analysis of museum artifacts. Paired with CLAR 850. Both CLAR 650 and 850 may be repeated for a combined total of nine units.

699 Special Study (1-3)

Prerequisite: consent of instructor. Supervised study of a special archaeological problem to be selected by the student.

Graduate Courses

730 Museum Exhibits (3)

Practical experience in all aspects of the development, promotion, documentation, and installation of museum exhibits using the Treganza Anthropology Museum (Fall semester) or the Sutro Egyptian Collection (Spring semester) at SFSU. May be repeated once for credit. (Also offered as MS 730.)

750 Authentication and Dating of Antiquities (3)

Prerequisite: CLAR 650/850 (may be concurrent). Procedures used in museums for examination, documentation, authentication, and dating of archaeological artifacts and works of art.

795 Directed Field Experience in Museology (3)

Prerequisite: CLAR 650 and recommendation of instructor. Internship in a Bay Area museum under the supervision of professionals. Field experience in typical facets of museum work. May be repeated for a maximum of six units.

820 Seminar in Classical Archaeology—Cultures and Civilizations (3)

Topic to be specified in Class Schedule. Advanced study of archaeological discoveries in the ancient classical world. Emphasis on relationship of ancient literature to be archaeological sites. May be repeated when different areas or periods are studied.

850 Museum Conservation and Restoration (3)

Prerequisite: CLAR 650 or consent of instructor. Advanced theory and practice in museum conservation and restoration, using the Sutro Egyptian Collection for hands-on experiences. Analysis of museum artifacts. Paired with CLAR 650. Both CLAR 650 and 850 may be repeated for a combined total of nine units.

899 Special Study (1-3)

Prerequisites: consent of graduate major adviser and supervising faculty member. Study is planned, developed, and completed under the direction of a member of the department. Open to graduate students of demonstrated ability to do independent work. Enrollment by petition (form available in the department office).

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