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College of Behavioral and Social Sciences
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300 Criminal Justice: A Cross-Disciplinary Perspective (4) [GE]

An interdisciplinary introduction to the analysis and critique of the contemporary criminal justice system. Includes field observation and guest lecturers.

400 Police and Public Policy (4)

Topics include the scope of police activities, police administration, discretion, accountability, affirmative action, public relations, new technologies, and changing criminal procedure. Special attention is paid to what the police can and should accomplish, by what rules, and under whose control. Classwork, three units; fieldwork, one unit.

450 Jails and Prisons (4)

Prerequisites: sophmore standing or beyond. The political economy of the prison industry in the U.S. with emphasis upon the jail as well as the prison. Field study at San Quentin and the San Francisco jails.

500 Criminal Law (4)

Outline and texts are standard first-year law school issues. Lectures incorporate recognition of the undergraduate setting and readiness with attention to common law, judicial review, and development of criminal law in the U.S. Classwork, three units; fieldwork, one unit.

680 Field Course in Criminal Justice (4)

Prerequisite: upper division standing. Data gathering, organization, and presentation of research to students engaged in field studies in any criminal justice system setting, any topic.

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