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Undergraduate Courses

293 Cooperative Education Colloquium (1)

Prerequisites: ENG 114, SPCH 150, and consent of instructor. Preparatory course in Cooperative Education designed to assist students with academic and career development. Personal self-awareness and positive self-esteem are developed and applied to the pragmatic aspects of intern placements, job retention, and career development.

693 Cooperative Education Program (6 and 12)

Prerequisite: AU 293. Intended for all academic majors. Supervised employment in academically relevant fields of study. Objectives are career development, occupational experience, and educational subsidy. Accumulated units to not count toward a degree, but may be used for completion of a certificate in Cooperative Professional Development. Contact the Cooperative Education office for information.

Graduate Course

890 Graduate Program Services (0)

Prerequisite: approval of graduate adviser or Graduate Division office. Designed as a registration alternative for graduate students who have had prior registration in a culminating experience course with an assigned grade symbol of SP and/or are utilizing in any term, including the term of graduation, facilities and resources of the university.

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