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College of Humanities
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Undergraduate Courses

300 Perspectives on American Culture (3) [GE]

American culture from the perspectives of different social sciences. Historical and analytical consideration of American national character, social thought, and political order. (Also offered as S S 410.)

310 The Arts and American Culture (3) [GE]

Interdisciplinary study of central figures in visual, literary, and performing arts who have reflected American culture through mastery of their arts; relationships between arts (such as painting and music) in periods of American cultural development. (Also offered as HUM 485.)

352 Peoples and Cultures of California (3) [GE]

Prerequisites: ENG 214 and junior standing or consent of instructor. An interdisciplinary survey of the peoples and cultures of California, past and present. Ethnicity, race, gender, and class as factors defining the nature of California life and cultural expression. (Also offered as ANTH 352.)

400 American Regional Cultures (3) [GE]

Comparative, interdisciplinary study of selected regional American cultures through their landscapes, historical backgrounds, literatures, arts, and other dimensions; two regions or a very complex single region such as the South are explored. (Also offered as GEOG 551.)

410 California Culture (3) [GE]

Interdisciplinary study of the dynamics of California society and culture in recent times; California as world oasis, flawed paradise, lifestyle crucible, and creative milieu; California's function in American culture and Pacific relations. (Also offered as HIST/HUM 478.)

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