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Undergraduate Courses

101 Introduction to Asian American Studies (3)

Introduction to objectives, philosophy, and structure of Asian American Studies. Emphasis on the underlying assumptions of the program, relations between the community and the university, and development of a relevant curriculum.

110 Critical Thinking and the Asian American Experience (3) [GE]

Developing basic skills involved in understanding, criticizing, and constructing arguments by using materials reflective of experiences of Asian Americans and Third World culture in the United States. (Also offered as AIS 110, BLS 110, ETHS 110, and LARA 110.)

200 History of Asian Americans (3) [US]

Introduction to the history of Asian Americans in the United States. Comparative analysis and discussion of the experience of different Asian American groups and their place in the general history and development of American society. (See "U.S. History and Government Requirement.")

205 Asian Americans and American Ideals and Institutions (3) [US,CA]

Introduction to the Asian American experience in the U.S. with specific regard to basic governmental ideals and institutions. Developmental analysis of the impact of Asians on legal-constitutional America and the countervailing impact of political-legal structures imposed on Asians. (See U.S. History and Government Requirement which includes California State and Local Government Requirement.)

206 Introduction to Asian American Literature (3) [GE]

Introduction to the critical reading and analysis of Asian American literature. Appreciation of literature from a literary standpoint with attention paid to historical, psychological, and sociological enhancement.

214 Second Year Written Composition: Asian American Studies (3) [GE]

Prerequisite: ENG 114 or equivalent. Focus on reading and writing with speech as a supportive language skill. College level reading in the various genre to develop breadth and depth of taste in literature. Proficiency in critical reading such as discerning organizational patterns and themes, extracting of supporting facts, interpretation, comparison, logical analysis, and figurative language. Must be taken after student has completed 24 units and before completing 60 units. ABC/NC grading.

308 Photographic Exploration of Asian America (3) [GE]

Designed to give students experience in the use of photography as a personal tool for the exploration, recording, understanding, and expression of Asian American life. Classwork, two units; laboratory, one unit. May be repeated once for credit.

310 Chinese in America: Beginning to Exclusion (3) [GE]

The Chinese American in historical perspective—from the earliest traces of immigrants to the present.

315 Chinese American Personality (3) [GE]

A critical analysis of the historical, institutional, and cultural sources of Chinese American identity and sensibility. Mental health issues related to self-perception, stereotypes, family problems, institutional racism, and the development of autonomy.

322 Chinese American Culture—Language and Literature (3) [GE]

Cultural identity of the Chinese American as it is expressed in the language and literature. Analysis of Chinese American writings, fiction, and poetry; Chinese community and its influence on the creative process in literature.

331 Japanese Americans in the United States (3) [GE]

A study of the historical experience of the Japanese in America with particular emphasis upon the development of Japanese American communities in the context of the development of the western United States.

335 Japanese American Personality (3) [GE]

Interdisciplinary study of Japanese American character, identity, self-image, and behavioral manifestations of the interaction of American and Japanese cultural values.

355 Psyche and Behavior of Pilipinos (3) [GE]

The psychological and behavioral development of Pilipinos. Specific emphasis on the relationship between "traditional" values and problems of ethno-cultural identity, marginality in the American environment.

363 Survey of Philippine Literature (3) [GE]

An examination of representative literature in oral and written form: vernacular, Spanish, and English. Readings and analyses of such modern literature in English with emphasis on America as locale or concepts of America as a force in some writings.

370 Southeast Asians in America (3) [GE]

Prerequisite: upper division standing. An examination of the origins and causes of Southeast Asian movements to the United States and the nature of Southeast Asian experience in America in terms of political, economic, and cultural factors.

406 Asian American Workshop in Creative Writing (3) [GE]

Workshop in the several forms of creative writing to develop new perspectives in the structure, style, and techniques of creating fiction from an Asian American perspective. Study of selected literary works from the standpoint of creative impetus. May be repeated once for credit. Classwork, two units; laboratory, one unit.

434 Concentration Camps, U.S.A. I (3)

Causes and consequences of the World War II evacuation, detention, and internment of 110,000 persons of Japanese ancestry. Topics include personal experiences of internees, legality of government actions, and subsequent effects on the Japanese American people.

444 Japanese American Art and Expression (3) [GE]

An examination of Japanese American artistic expression. The study of the development and evolvement of Japanese American art and the examination of historical, social, and cultural factors influencing the artistic expression of the Japanese in America.

456 Pilipinos in America: Problems of Transition (3) [GE]

The immigration of the Pilipinos to the United States; various coping mechanisms used in response to adjustment problems; the changing structure of the community.

603 Asian American Women (3) [GE]

Prerequisite: upper division standing. Examination of the social, political, and economic situation of Asian American women. Particular attention to the situation within their communities as well as within the family and larger society.

680 Community: Changes and Development (3) [GE]

Prerequisites: six units of upper division course work in AAS or consent of instructor. Examination of Asian American communities: origins, changes, economics, trends of residential and community patterns. Implications, effects of new immigration and population growth. Community research methods.

693 Asian Americans and the Mass Media (3) [GE]

Examines recurring images and treatment of Asian Americans in mass media, especially motion pictures, television, advertising, popular literature, and commercial art. Experiences of American minorities in the entertainment industry and discussion of Asian American media expression.

695 Seminar on Contemporary Asian American Communities (3) [GE]

Prerequisite: six units of upper division course work in AAS or consent of instructor. Seminar on contemporary Asian American communities, emphasizing current issues and based on fieldwork and community participation. May be repeated for credit on advisement.

699 Special Study (1-3)

Prerequisites: consent of instructor and department chair. Supervised individual study of a particular problem in Asian American Studies. Enrollment by petition (form available in Asian American Studies Office).

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