Summary of Certificate Programs

Certificate Programs Information and Guidelines

Athletic Coaching (Undergraduate)
Biotechnology (Undergraduate)
Clinical Competence in Physical Therapy (Graduate)
Clinical Laboratory Science (Graduate)
Conflict Resolution (Undergraduate and Extended Learning)
Cooperative Education (Undergraduate)
Counseling Deaf Persons (Graduate)
Counseling Deafened and Hard of Hearing Persons (Graduate)
Dietetics: Focus on Older Adults (Graduate)
Digital Media Production (Extended Learning)
Early Childhood Special Education (Graduate)
Family Nurse Practitioner (Graduate)
Genetic Engineering (Graduate)
Guide Dog Mobility (Graduate)
Holistic Health (Undergraduate and Extended Learning)
Hospitality Management (Extended Learning)
Information Technology Auditing (Undergraduate)
Integrated Services (Graduate)
Interdisciplinary Digital Arts (Undergraduate)
International Business (Extended Learning)
Legal/Court Interpretation (Extended Learning)
Meteorology for Broadcasters (Undergraduate)
Middle School Studies (Graduate)
Music/Recording Industry (Extended Learning)
Paralegal Studies (Extended Learning)
Pre-Health Professions (Extended Learning) (Undergraduate and Extended Learning)
Professional Practice of Internal Auditing (Undergraduate and Extended Learning)
Public Accountancy, Study of (Undergraduate and Extended Learning) (Graduate)
Reading (Graduate)
Rehabilitation Counseling (Graduate)
Teaching Critical Thinking (Graduate)
Teaching of Composition (Graduate)
Teaching Post-secondary Reading (Graduate)
Technical and Professional Writing (Undergraduate)
Training Systems Development (Graduate)
Vocational Special Education (Graduate)
Youth and Human Services Non-profit Agency Administration (Undergraduate)

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