Digital Media Production

College of Extended Learning
Dean: Gail Whitaker

Multimedia Studies Program
SFSU Downtown Center
425 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94105
Program Director: Craig Abaya

Program Coordinator: Richard Sinrich


Digital Media Production Certificate

Program Scope

Digital Media Production is an academic certificate of the SFSU College of Extended Learning. Emphasis is on tools-based training in film and video post production. Digital media provides a certificate in digital tools training as well as the experience required to enter a number of upper division and graduate courses. Students may apply units from the certificate to a related degree program or include it as part of a special major when the department or program approves this before enrollment. For more information on these options, please consult the specific department or a special major adviser before enrolling in DM courses.


Admission Requirements

The certificate program requires completion of 24 semester units. Fifteen of these units are to be taken from a core of courses and the remaining nine may be chosen from the list of elective courses. To be admitted to the Digital Media Production Certificate program, students should have at least 56 units of academic credit with a minimum GPA of 2.0 or sufficient experience to demonstrate that they can perform upper division work. However, students who do not have 56 units are encouraged to apply and may be admitted to the program on a conditional basis.

Core Requirements Units
DM 310 Digital Video Production 2
DM 315 Final Cut Pro 101 2
DM 330 Digital Editing Fundamentals 2
DM 350 Pro Tools 101 2
DM 360 Photoshop for Digital Video 2
DM 370 After Effects 1
DM 380 Compositing and Effects 2
DM 420 DVD Studio Pro 101 2
Total for core 15
Electives Units selected from the following 6
DM 365 Motion 101 (1)  
DM 390 Marketing and Distribution (2)
DM 410 Titling and Motion Graphics (2)
DM 430 Flash (2D Animation) (2)
DM 440 Maya (2)
DM 450 Pro Tools 201 (2)
DM 460 Pro Tools 210P (2)
DM 462 Pro Tools 210M (2)
DM 470 Digital Rights (1)
DM 490 Pro Tools 310P (2)
DM 492 Pro Tools 310M (2)
Final Requirement
DM 510 Portfolio Project 3
Total for certificate 24

Written English Proficiency Requirement

Academic certificate program courses require good writing skills. Students enrolled in certificate programs who do not have baccalaureate degrees are asked to demonstrate their writing ability soon after admission by passing the Junior English Proficiency Essay Test (JEPET), which is offered three times a year on Saturdays, or to complete ENG 414 (for those who do not pass the JEPET). For more information on the JEPET, call the Testing Center at 415-338-2271. ENG 414 is regularly offered through the Open University program through the College of Extended Learning.

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