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Elementary Education Discipline Courses

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Course ID Title
E ED 306 Collaborations and Partnership with Families in ECE (3)
E ED 600 Advanced Issues in Child Development and Learning (3)
E ED 602 Advanced Curriculum Study in ECE (3)
E ED 603 Promoting Young Children's Social and Emotional Development (3)
E ED 604 Advanced Issues in Collaboration with Families and Communities in ECE (3)
E ED 605 Supervised Student Teaching in Observation and Evaluation in ECE (3)
E ED 607 Leadership and Administration in ECE (3)
E ED 608 Supervised Fieldwork: Preschool Curriculum Development (3)
E ED 610 Classroom Assessment and Evaluation for Young Children (3)
E ED 611 Advanced Issues in Infant-Toddler Education and Care (3)
E ED 613 Integrated Arts Curricula in ECE (3)
E ED 614 Science, Math, and Technology Curricular in ECE (3)
E ED 615 Environmental Education in ECE (3)
E ED 616 Language and Literacy in Multilingual ECE Settings (3)
E ED 619 Children's Play: Theory and Practice (3)
E ED 640 Gear Up Tutors in Schools (3)
E ED 645 Directed Experiences with Children (3)
E ED 668 Multicultural Education and Social Justice for Young Children (3)
E ED 687 Seminar: Field Experience (1-3)
E ED 699 Independent Study (1-3)
E ED 700 Social, Emotional, and Physical Development in Early Childhood Education Sociocultural Contexts (3)
E ED 701 Social, Cultural, and Historical Foundations of Education (3)
E ED 703 Family Literacy Studies of the Elementary Age Child (3)
E ED 704 Children's Play Development in School and Community (3)
E ED 705 Child Development Through Literature Study in the Elementary Classroom (3)
E ED 707 Cognitive Development in Early Childhood Education Sociocultural Contexts (3)
E ED 708 First and Second Language Development in Early Childhood Education (3)
E ED 709 Early Childhood Education Curriculum in Pluralistic Society (3)
E ED 710 Children's Early Literacy Development in Early Childhood Education (3)
E ED 713 Spanish Heritage Language for the Bilingual Teacher: I (3)
E ED 714 Spanish Heritage Language for the Bilingual Teacher: II (3)
E ED 715 Families in Early Childhood Settings and Communities (3)
E ED 717 Narrative Inquiry and Memoir in Early Childhood Education (3)
E ED 720 Research and Practice in Language and Literacy Education (3)
E ED 721 International Education in Early Childhood and Elementary Education (3)
E ED 723 Inservice Leadership in Reading (3)
E ED 725 Classroom Issues in Language, Literacy, and Culture (3)
E ED 726 Teaching Process Writing in Elementary Classrooms (3)
E ED 732 Teaching Reading, Language Arts, and Social Studies in Elementary School (3-6)
E ED 737 Teaching Social Studies, Social Justice, and Literacy: Grades 3-6 (3)
E ED 746 Teaching Practicum Phase I (1-3)
E ED 747 Teaching Practicum Phase II (1-3)
E ED 748 Teaching Practicum Phase III (1-7)
E ED 749 Second Language Acquisition in the Elementary School (3)
E ED 756 Teaching Practicum Seminar Phase I (1-3)
E ED 757 Teaching Practicum Seminar Phase II (1-3)
E ED 758 Teaching Practicum Seminar Phase III (1-3)
E ED 760 Seminar on Social Issues and Curriculum Development (3)
E ED 761 School Mathematics: Problem Solving (3)
E ED 763 Integrating Language, Literacy, and Technology in Elementary School Curriculum (3)
E ED 764 Elementary School Social Studies (3)
E ED 765 Elementary School Science (3)
E ED 767 Elementary School Creative Arts (3)
E ED 769 Practitioner Research in Elementary Classrooms (3)
E ED 770 Literacy Education Clinic I: Multidisciplinary Assessment of Reading and Language Problems (3)
E ED 771 Literacy Clinic II: Multidisciplinary Assessment and Remediation of Language and Literacy Problems (3)
E ED 772 Literacy Education Clinic I (1-3)
E ED 773 Literacy Education Clinic II (1-3)
E ED 777 Curriculum and Instruction in Science (3)
E ED 781 Curriculu, Instruction, and Assessment for Teacher Leaders (3)
E ED 782 Teaching Reading/Language Arts K-3 (3-4)
E ED 783 Developmental Teaching and Learning in Diverse School Settings, K-8 (3)
E ED 784 Curriculum and Instruction in Mathematics (CLAD Emphasis) (3)
E ED 785 Literacy Theories: Connections to Classroom Practices (3)
E ED 796 Analyzing Cases of Mathematical Teaching (3)
E ED 797 Special Topics in Elementary Education (1-3)
E ED 801 Practitioner Inquiry for Administration of Early Childhood Curricula (3)
E ED 806 Leadership, Adult Supervision, and Family Advocacy (3)
E ED 807 Leadership Development in Mathematics Education (3)
E ED 820 Seminar in Infant-Toddler Group Care Education Programs (3)
E ED 850 Seminar in Early Childhood Mathematics and Science Curriculum (3)
E ED 856 Assessing Mathematical Thinking (3)
E ED 869 Teaching Reading and Writing to Second Language Learners (3)
E ED 878 Multicultural Educational Theory and Practice for the Young Child (3)
E ED 882 Literacy Instruction in K-12 Classrooms (3)
E ED 890 Seminar on Field Studies in the Elementary Classroom (3)
E ED 895 Field Study (3)
E ED 898 Master's Thesis (3)
E ED 899 Independent Study (1-3)
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