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The Bachelor of Arts Degree in American Indian Studies

SF State Student

SF State Student

Admission to the Program. Students interested in the American Indian Studies major should seek advising from American Indian Studies faculty members to plan a course of matriculation.

Program Requirements. The major consists of a total of 39 units. The program consists of core course requirements totaling 21 units and elective course requirements totaling 18 units. The core course requirements are as follows (all courses are worth 3 units unless otherwise noted.)

AIS 100 Introduction to American Indian Studies
AIS 150 American Indians and U.S. History
AIS 160 Survey of Native California
AIS 205 American Indians and U.S. Laws
AIS 300 American Indian Studies Research Methodologies
AIS 694 Community Service Learning (1-3 unit options for a total of 3 in any combination)
AIS 680 American Indian Studies Senior Seminar

The elective requirements are organized into four areas of emphasis. Upon advisement, students may select one course from each area of emphasis (12 units total) and an additional two courses (6 units total) for a total of 18 units; or, they may complete six courses (18 units total) in one area of emphasis where available. Fifteen units must be completed at the upper-division level. Upon department approval, students may chose up to two elective courses (up to 6 units) from other departments/programs on campus.

1) California Indian Studies*
AIS 410 Perspectives of Native Californians
AIS 694 Community Service Learning (for up to 3 additional units to the core requirement)
*Additional courses in development.

SF State Student

Melissa Nelson with Guest Speaker

2) Creative Arts and the Humanities
AIS 162 American Indian Oral Literature
AIS 235 American Indian Images and Issues in the Mass Media
AIS 310 American Indian Religion and Philosophy
AIS 320 American Indian Music
AIS 325 American Indian Art
AIS 360 American Indian Novels and Poetry
AIS 400 American Indian Education
AIS 420 American Indian Women
AIS 490 Ancestors or Data? The Politics of NAGPRA
AIS 500 American Indian Language and Cultural Systems
AIS 560 American Indian Modern Creative and Performing Arts
AIS 610 American Indians and Museums

3) Law, Politics, and Society
AIS 230 Urban Indians
AIS 330 American Indian Law
AIS 350 Black-Indians in the Americas
AIS 400 American Indian Education
AIS 420 American Indian Women
AIS 430 American Indian Sovereignty
AIS 460 Power and Politics in American Indian History
AIS 470 American Indian Identity Politics
AIS 480 American Indian Social Movements
AIS 490 Ancestors or Data? The Politics of NAGPRA
AIS 540/840 Advanced Topics in American Indian Law
AIS 600 Current Issues in the American Indian Community

4) Science, Health, and Environmental Studies
AIS 260 American Indian Health and Cultural Recovery
AIS 450 American Indian Science
AIS 490 Ancestors or Data: The Politics of NAGPRA
AIS 520 Before the Wilderness: American Indian Ecology
AIS 530 American Indian Psychology

Download Major and Minor Declaration Form in MicrosoftWord Format

Download Major and Minor Application Checklist in MicrosoftWord Format

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