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Federal and State Legislation

• National NAGPRA (1990). NationalNAGPRA.pdf
• California NAGPRA (2001). CalNAGPRA.pdf
• Proposed Amendments to National NAGPRA on the "Culturally Unidentifiable" (2007). CulturallyUnid.pdf

SFSU Documentation

• The SFSU Campus Master Plan and the Final Environmental Impact Report is available at www.sfsumasterplan.org/eir.html

• Basic SFSU Administrative Structure Relevant to NAGPRA: Administration.doc

• The architectural designs for a NAGPRA/research facility at the Romberg Tiburon Center proposed by the Anthropology Department (April 2005). ArchDesigns.pdf

• NAGPRA Program Inventory (dated Fall 2005). Inventory2005.doc

• The proposal for a NAGPRA facility from the Anthropology Department (July 2006). AnthroProposal.pdf

• Treganza Museum documentation on basket collections (as of February 2008). TreganzaInventory.pdf

Local NAGPRA News

• "Ancient remains a can of worms: When developers unearth burial sites of native tribes, a maze of legal and bureacratic troubles rise up." Matt Krupnick. Contra Costa Times (October 18, 2006). BrentwoodI.pdf

• "Bones of Discontent – Andrew Galvan carves a unique, controversial role in relocating Native American skeletons." Ron Russell. SF Weekly (November 21, 2007). BonesContention.pdf

• "Developer damaged burial site near Brentwood: Parks system contends Shea Homes ruined American Indian artifacts." Hilary Costa. Contra Costa Times (January 25, 2008). BrentwoodII.pdf


• Edward M. Luby and Mark F. Gruber. "The Dead Must Be Fed: Symbolic Meanings of the Shellmounds of the San Francisco Bay Area." Cambridge Archaeological Journal 9:1 (1999), 95-108. Luby.pdf

• Clayton Dumont, "The Politics of Scientific Objections to Repatriation." Wicazō Śa Review: A Native American Studies Journal 18:1 (Spring 2003), 109-128. Dumont.pdf


NAGPRA artifacts at SFSU
NAGPRA artifacts at SFSU
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