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American Indian Studies Department Faculty
Joanne Barker

Joanne Barker, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

• Native Law and Politics,
• Women's/Gender Studies, and
• Cultural Studies


Robert Collins

Robert Keith Collins, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

• American Indian History and Cultural Changes
• Ethno-linguistics
• Black Indians
• American Indian and African American Interaction in North and South America
• Person-Centered Ethnography


Andrew Jolivétte, Ph.D.

Andrew Jolivétte, Ph.D.
Associate Professor and Chair

• Mixed-Race Identity
• Comparative Race Relations
• American Indian Cultural Representation
• Creole Studies
• Health Disparities and Sexuality
• Sociology and the Urban Indian Experience

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Phil Klasky

Phil Klasky, M.A.
• American Indians and U.S. Laws
• Environmental justice, nuclear colonialism and human rights
• Cultural preservation and revitalization
• Oral literature and ethnographic recording


Melissa Nelson, Ph.D.

Melissa Nelson, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

• Native American Ecology/Environmental Studies
• California Indian Cultures
• Oral Literature and Multimedia
• Cultural Revitalization
• Science & Ethics


John-Carlos Perea, Ph.D John-Carlos Perea, Ph.D
Assistant Professor

• Music and identity
• Jim Pepper
• Urban American Indian musical cultures
• Urban indigeneity
Kathy Wallace

Kathy Wallace

• Basket weaving
• Califonia Indian Art

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