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Mandatory Academic Probation Advising:

Probation & Subject to Disqualification

All Undergraduate students who are on academic probation status or subject to disqualification MUST seek advising in order to continue enrollment at San Francisco State University. You MUST meet with your advisor every semester.

If you consistently show academic improvement until all your grade point average (G.P.A.) is above 2.0, you will achieve satisfactory academic standing.

Where to go for advising?

  • Declared majors: The department of your major
  • Undeclared majors: Undergraduate Advising Center
  • Undeclared EOP: EOP office
  • Liberal Studies: Liberal Studies Office

Students must meet with their advisors no later than the October 30th, 2009 deadline. Students who fail to meet with an advisor by the deadline will be placed on academic probation and will not be able to register for the Spring 2010 semester until all hold(s) are cleared.

What to bring for your advising appointment:

  • Current SFSU unofficial transcript (available online HERE)
  • Advanced Standing Evaluation (ASE). Not all students have an ASE. Your DARS will indicate if you have one on file. Please request a copy of your ASE at the One Stop Registrar's Counter.
  • The Degree Audit Report (DARs) isavailable online HERE
  • Academic Standing Petition. Parts A and B must be filled out by the student. (available online HERE)

What does Probation mean?

Academic probation status occurs when the grade point average (G.P.A.) in all college work attempted or in all work at San Francisco State University falls below 2.0 (C). Any GPA below 2.0 is considered unsatisfactory; thus, your academic standing would be on probation or subject to disqualification.

What does Subject to Disqualification mean?

Subject to disqualification status occurs when the GPA falls on or below the minimum guidelines described in the Bulletin (Academic Standards; see chart below). It is the students' responsibility to obtain recommendation for reinstatement from their major advisor/department chair/college dean. If the department agrees to recommend reinstatement, the student will need to continue to meet the agreed terms of the contract in order to continue the process until grades improve to a satisfactory level. If the student does not make academic progress nor meet the terms of the contract, then the student may be disqualified from SFSU.

2.0 or above
below 2.0

Probation Workshop

Click HERE for the probation workshop.

Subject to Disqualification Workshop

Click HERE for the workshop if you were refered to go through it.

Important Information!

Students who have been on continuous probation and/or subject to disqualification for 3 semesters may be administratively disqualified at the end of their third semester.

Students who have just been placed on "Probation" status at the end of Spring 2009 must meet with their MAJOR advisor no later than October 30th, 2009. Students who fail to meet their major advisors by the October 30th deadline will have a registration hold for Spring 2010.

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