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Subject to Disqualification and Disqualification (DISQ)

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Guidelines and Procedures

Student Status

  • Undergraduate students, after their second continuous semester on Academic Probation, will be Subject to Disqualification if their SFSU and/or OVERALL GPA for their student level is one of the following:

  • Freshman Less than 30 units earned GPA 1.50 or below
    Sophomore 30 - 59 units earned GPA 1.70 or below
    Junior 60 - 89 units earned GPA 1.85 or below
    Senior 90 or more units earned GPA 1.95 or below

  • Students will receive an Academic Disqualification hold on their record which will restrict enrolling in future semesters until they meet with their department advisor and are reinstated.
  • Students must meet with their advisor by the specified deadline in their email notification and submit the signed Academic Standing Petition to the Registrar's Office. Once processed by the Registrar's Office, if reinstated, the student may enroll in a maximum of 13 units in the next Spring of Fall semester.


  • A Subject to Disqualification email notice is sent to students after their second continuous semester on academic probation.
  • Students will have 30 days from the email notification date to receive department advising and submit an approved Academic Standing Petition to the Registrar's Office located at One Stop in the Student Services Building, 1st floor.
  • Disqualified students may return to SFSU without reapplying in the future after their deficiencies are met. To qualify, students must follow the directions on the form that corresponds to their semester and year they were placed on DISQ status.

    DISQ Checklist & Procedures: Effective Fall 2014

What to Do

  1. Complete Part A on the Academic Standing Petition available on the Registrar's web site.
  2. Make an appointment with an advisor for academic advising (see 'Where to Go For Advising' below)
  3. Meet with the Department Chair in your major department (if required by your department)
  4. If required, obtain approval from the College Dean of your major (consult with your Advisor/Department Chair)
  5. Submit the Academic Standing Petition to the Registrar's Office, located at One Stop in the Student Services Building, 1st floor. Students may hand-carry the completed petition to the Registrar's Office with their department's approval or denial.
  6. Students must comply with the process within the 30-day email deadline from the email notice. Students who petition after the deadline must consult with their department for possible late reinstatement.

Note: Submitted reinstatement petitions are valid only during the semester specified on the notification.

Where to Go For Advising

Declared majors: The department of your major
Undeclared majors: Undergraduate Advising Center
Undeclared EOP: EOP Office
Liberal Studies: Liberal Studies Office

Required Documents to Bring to Your Advising Appointment

Frequently Asked Questions

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