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Marlon K. Hom 譚雅倫, PhD

HOM Marlon K. (2011)

Marlon K. Hom, PhD
Professor, Asian American Studies Department
Office: EP 104
Phone: 415-338-2276
1986    Year of first appointment in Asian American Studies


PhD     University of Washington, Asian Languages and Literature
MA     Indiana University, Bloomington, IN, East Asian Languages and Cultures
BA      San Francisco State College (University), Chinese

Research Interests

Chinese American history, culture, and literature; Chinese American trans-Pacific migration history, culture, and family maintenance

Courses Taught

210 History of Asians in the United States
216 Introduction to Asian American Literature
218 Asian American Culture
320 Chinese in the United States
322 Chinese American Language and Literature
323 Chinese American Identities
822 Seminar: Asian American Literature and Arts
833 Seminar: Asian American Family and Identity

Honors, Awards, and Grants

2008    CSU Wang Family Faculty Fellowship
1988    The Before Columbus Foundation American Book Award for Songs of Gold Mountain

Current Community Involvement

Guangdong Overseas Chinese History Project (2012-present)
Overseas Exchange Association of Guangdong Province, Board of Directors (External) (2006-present)
Overseas Exchange Association of Jiangmen City (2006-present)
Overseas Exchange Association of Zhongshan City (2008-present)

Current Campus Service

University Tenure and Promotion Committee
Former AAS Department Chair (1993-2008)
Former Resident Director, CSU International Programs in China (Peking University) (2005-06)

Selected Publications

“Heritage and Innovation: Vernacular Culture in the Pearl River Emigrant Region and North American Chinatowns承傳 與創新: 略談四邑僑鄉與北美洲華人社區的通俗文化”. Overseas Chinese History Studies 2 (June 2014): 1-14.

"'It’s Complicated': Chinese American Families in Sui Sin Far’s Short Stories '理還亂': 水仙花小説裏的美國華人家庭." Proceedings of the International Symposium on International Migration and Qiaoxiang Studies. Jiangmen, PRC: Wuyi University.

"Working Dead-end? Voices of Chinese American Labor in Gold Mountain Songs 工字不出頭? '金山歌'裏的騾仔心聲." Proceedings of the International Conference on North American Chinese Labor and Guangdong Qiaoxiang Society. Guangzhou, PRC: Sun Yatsen University.

“A Classroom Report on Student Responses to Two Issues in Chinese American History 教研簡報: 學生對'美國華人史'課程裏兩個歷史課題的反應.” Proceedings of the International Academic Conference on Modern Asian Immigrants and Maritime Society. Guangzhou, PRC: Zhongshan University. 93-105.

“Subversive Translation: Linguistic Resistance on Chinese Exclusions in Chinatown Chinese Expressions.” Wuyi University Journal of Social Sciences 1 (2013). Also published in International Symposium on “International Migration and QiaoxiangStudies” Conference Proceedings. Vol. 1. Jiangmen, PRC: Guangdong Qiaoxiang Cultural Research Center, Wuyi University, 2012. 231-241.

“Voices of Resistance and Subversion: Folksongs on Emigration and Family in the Pearl River Delta.” Overseas Chinese History Studies 4 (2010).

“Chinese Student-Immigrants’ Recent Quest for Dual Citizenship: As Seen from an Asian American Perspective.” At 40: Asian American Studies @ San Francisco State. Ed. Jeffery Paul Chan, et al. San Francisco: AAS Department, San Francisco State University. 191-198.

“Going ‘Back’ to Where Our Ancestors Came From.” At 40: Asian American Studies @ San Francisco State. Ed. Jeffery Paul Chan, et al. San Francisco: AAS Department, San Francisco State University. 125-129.

“Raising a Red Banner.” At 40: Asian American Studies @ San Francisco State. Ed. Jeffery Paul Chan, et al. San Francisco: AAS Department, San Francisco State University. 83-90.

“Chinese American Surnames and Their US Identities.” Journal of Ethnic Chinese.

“Chinatown Chinese Speech and Its Significance.” Journal of Ethnic Chinese.

“Fallen Leaves’ Homecoming: Notes on the 1893 Gold Mountain Charity Cemetery in Xinhui.” Chinese America: History and Perspectives (2002): 36-50.

“Lo yu gui gen: Xinhui 1893 nian yizhong zaji” [The Xinhui Charity Cemetery of 1893]. Journal of Wuyi University 3:2 (2001). A slightly different version appears in Yan Huang Tian Di [Chinese World] 17-18 (2001).

“Meiguo Huaren yanjiu zhuangkung” [The State of Chinese American Studies in the United States]. Qiao wu gongzuo yanjiu [Reference for Overseas Chinese Works] 3 (Beijing). A slightly different version appears as “Meiguo Huaren yanjiu di huigu yu zhanwang” [Chinese American Studies: Its Past and Future]. Overseas Chinese Journal of Bagui 2 (2001).

“Rhymes Cantonese Mothers Sang.” Chinese America: History and Perspectives (1999): 62-70.

with Lorraine Dong. “A Brief Cultural History of the Chinese in California: From Early Beginnings to the 1970s.” Asian Traditions/Modern Expressions, Asian American Artists and Abstraction, 1945-1970. Ed. Jeffrey Wechsloer. New York: Harry N. Abrams, Inc., Publishers. 194-198.

with Philip P. Choy and Lorraine Dong. Kamingu man: Juukyuu seki Amerika no seiji fuushi manga no naka no Chuugokujin [Coming Man: Chinese in Political Cartoons in 19th Century America]. Japanese ed. of The Coming Man. Tr. Yujiro Murata and Yoshiyuki Kido. Tokyo: Heibonsha Ltd., Publishers.

with Philip P. Choy, Lorraine Dong, and Him Mark Lai. The Chinese in California [monograph]. San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego: California Council for the Humanities.

with Lorraine Dong. “Chinatown Chinese, The San Francisco Dialect.” Rpt. in Readings across American Cultures. By Helen Gillotte and Jan Gregory. Dubuque, IA: Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company. 110-124.

with Philip P. Choy and Lorraine Dong. The Coming Man, 19th Century American Perceptions of the Chinese. Hong Kong: Joint Publishing (H.K.) Co., Ltd. and Seattle: University of Washington Press.

with Philip P. Choy and Lorraine Dong. Meiguo zaoqi manhuazhong de Huaren [Early American pictorials of the Chinese]. Chinese language edition of The Coming Man. Hong Kong: Sanlian shudian (Xianggang) youxian gongsi.

with Lorraine Dong. “Defiance or Perpetuation: An Analysis of Characters in Mrs. Spring Fragrance.” Chinese America: History and Perspectives (1987): 139-168.

Songs of Gold Mountain: Cantonese Rhymes from San Francisco Chinatown. Berkeley: University of California Press. Before Columbus Foundation American Book Award.

with Lorraine Dong. “Chinatown Chinese: The San Francisco Dialect.” Amerasia Journal 7.1 (1980): 1-29.

Curatorial Work

with Philip P. Choy, Lorraine Dong, and Him Mark Lai, curators. The Chinese of America: Toward a More Perfect Union. Main and permanent exhibit. San Francisco: Chinese Historical Society of America Museum.

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