How To Create Clay Animation in 5 Easy Steps

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  • You can use almost any camera to capture the individual frames of your animation. We used a Connectix QuickCam, which has the advantage of saving each picture directly onto the computer's hard drive as you take it.
  • Connect the camera to the computer. The QuickCam connects to the USB port. Other cameras may connect to the FireWire, or other ports.
  • Mount the camera on a tripod - You don't want the camera to move at all during the picture taking process.
  • On the computer, open the software for the camera you are using. The QuickCam software allows you to select where you'd like your images to be stored. We choose the "Film Roll" as the destination, which simplifies the making of the movie in the next step.


Selecting the Film Roll as the Destination

  • Place the background so that it completely fills the frame for the pictures you'll take.
  • Position the characters where you'll want them, and then press the "Take Picture" button (QuickCam).


Clicking the "Take Picture" Button

  • After you take each picture, slightly move your characters into position for the next shot. Each picture you take will become a frame in your movie. Clay animation looks good at a frame rate as low as six frames per second.


Positioning the Character

  • After you've taken all the pictures, quit the picture taking program and proceed to the next step

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