How To Create Clay Animation in 5 Easy Steps

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  • You'll need a sequencing application to turn your stills into a movie. We used a shareware application called Graphic Converter, which you can download for Mac or PC.
  • Open the program, and choose "Convert" from the File menu.
  • In the dialog box that appears, select all the files that you wish to convert to a movie. In Graphic Converter, the files are shown on the left side of the screen. We navigated to the "Film Roll" folder, then opened it and chose "select all" from the Edit menu to select all our pictures.


Convert Window with All Files in Film Roll Selected

  • Choose the format that you will save your movie in. We chose MooV from the Destination Format menu, in order to make a Quicktime movie.


Destination Format Menu


Choosing MooV as the Destination Format

  • Click the Convert button in the center of the window, at the top.
  • In the Additional Movie Settings pop-up window, name the movie, and change the size or color depth of the movie, if you wish.


Additional Movie Settings Pop-Up Window

  • Click the Compression button to set your compression. It's a good idea to make a master movie with the compression set to "None". You may want to make additional movies compressed for the web or CD-ROM, using Sorensen, or another type of compression.
  • You can also set the frame rate in the Compression Settings Window. Six frames per second should be fine, but you can always up the frame rate later if the movie looks too choppy.


  • After you've taken all the pictures, quit the picture taking program and proceed to the next step

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