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Image: Photos of SF State students and scenes from around campus

Main campus map

Click on a quadrant for more details on campus facilities, services, and access information. To find a building, see the directory below.

campus map image with four hot-spot links to more detailed quadrants the northwest quad of the campus map the southwest quad of the campus map the northeast quad of the campus map the southeast quad of the campus map

Main directory (read across each row; links are to the relevant quadrant map)

Administration (ADM) -- I8-9 (Q4) Annex I & II -- D3-4 (Q1) August Coppola Theatre (FA) -- H6 (Q4)
Bike Barn (in GYM) -- G7-8 (Q4) Bookstore -- H7 (Q4) Burk Hall (BH) -- H-G6 (Q4)
Business (BUS) -- H/I-8/9 -(Q4) Cesar Chavez Student Center (CCSC) -- H7 (Q4) Child Care Center (Associated Students) -- F2 (Q3)
Children's Campus -- C3-D4 (Q1) Conference Center (The Towers) -- G4 (Q3) Copy Center (in CCSC) -- H7 (Q4)
Corporation Yard CYD) -- D4 (Q1) Cox Stadium -- F7 (Q2) Creative Arts (CA) -- I6 (Q4)
Dining Center (aka City Eats) -- G3 (Q3) Ethnic Studies & Psychology (EP) -- G6 (Q4) Facilities & Capital Planning (in CYD) -- D4 (Q1)
Fine Arts (FA) -- H6 (Q4) Garden of Remembrance -- H6 (Q4) Greenhouse #1 -- H8 (Q4)
Greenhouse #2 -- F9 (Q2) Gymnasium (GYM) -- G7-8 (Q4) Health Center (SHS) -- G6 (Q4)
Hensill Hall (HH) -- G9-10 (Q4) Housing, Dining & Conference Services (in TCSQ) -- F4 (Q3) Housing Office (MWH) -- G3 (Q3)
HSS -- H-I9 (Q4) Humanities (HUM) -- H5 (Q3) Jack Adams Hall (in CCSC) -- H7 (Q4)
Knuth Hall (in CA) -- I6 (Q4) Labor Archives -- (in LIB) -- I7-8 (Q4) Library, J. P. Leonard & Sutro (LIB) -- I7-8 (Q4)
Little Theatre (in CA) -- I6 (Q4) Maloney Field (hardball) -- E2-3 (Q1) Mary Park Hall (MPH) -- F2 (Q3)
Mary Ward Hall (MWH) -- G2-3 (Q3) Mashouf Wellness Center (MWC) -- G/H-1/2 (Q3) McKenna Theatre (in CA) -- I6 (Q4)
Memorial Grove -- G7-8 (Q4) Museum (HUM) -- H5 (Q3) Nasser Family Plaza (GYM courtyard) -- G7 (Q4)
OneStop Center (in SSB) -- G5 (Q3) Parking Garage (main) -- E-F5 (Q1) Parking & Transportation (in CYD) -- D4 (Q1)
Planetarium (in TH) -- F8 (Q4) Police (in CYD) -- D4 (Q1) Procurement and Support Services (in CYD) -- E5 (Q1)
Recycling/Resource Center -- E-F6 (Q2) Science (SCI) -- G-H9 (Q4) Seven Hills Center -- F3 (Q3)
Shipping & Receiving (in CYD) -- D5 (Q1) Softball Field -- H1-J2 (Q3) Student Events Center (in Annex I) -- D3-4 (Q1)
Student Services (SSB) -- G5 (Q3) Studio Theatre (in CA) -- I6 (Q4) Sutro Library (in LIB) -- I7-8 (Q4)
Temporary Buildings -- F9 (Q4) Tennis Courts -- D2 (Q1) Thornton Hall (TH) -- F8 (Q4)
The Towers at Cent. Sq (TCSQ). -- G4 (Q3) Towers Conference Center (TCONF)-- F3-4 (Q3) University Park North (UPN) -- A5-E9 (Q2)
University Park South (UPS) -- I2-J9 (Q4) Village at Centennial Square -- G3-4 (Q3) West Campus Green -- H4 (Q3)
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