College of Science & Engineering Alumni Newsletter

Spring 2001

College of Science & Engineering's
Student Project Showcase and Alumni Reception

    The third annual event was held on May 9th, 2001, in the Science building at SFSU. The crowd began to fill the East wing of the Science building to view the 20 student-project displays from the Department of Biology, Center for Biomedical Laboratory Science (CBLS), Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, and School of Engineering and Computer Science. Judges, alumni, faculty, students, and guests enjoyed listening to the presentations and seeing the demonstrations from the exceptional and diverse group of students from various disciplines of the College of Science and Engineering (COSE). The attendees of the event were able to participate in a door prize contest as well as enjoy the delicious hors d’oeuvres available.
Dr. Wenshen Pong, Associate Professor of Engineering, enlightened the audience with his Physical Science lecture, “Innovative Seismic Engineering Design.”


Dean Kelley (left) congratulated Carmela Jaravata (middle), a Cell and Molecular Biology graduate student, on winning the first prize of $600 for her research in “Myosins IIa, VIa, VII, and IX May Be Involved in the Formation of the Phagocytic Cup By the Rat Retinal Pigment Epithelial Cells.” Franziska Jost, (right), a Biochemistry graduate student, received the second prize of $300 for her project entitled “Alanine Scanning Analysis of The a I,3/4-Fucosyltransferase Motif.” Geeta Hompanur (second right), a CBLS graduate student, won the third prize of $100. Her research was about “Host Transcription Factor Interactions at the Hepatitis B Virus Surface Antigen Promoter.”

On behalf of COSE alumni and students, Mamdouh Abo-El-Ata, Associate Dean for Development and Professor of Engineering, (left) presented a ‘farewell’ gift to Dean Kelley (middle). Lannie Nguyen-Tang (right) holds a big card with good wishes from the event attendees.
Teammates Chigo Uzoigwe (left) and Jorge Morales, Jr. (right) are ready to talk to judges and attendees about their ‘Steel Bridge’ project. Other team members are Napoleon Calimlim II, Thet Maung, Pablo Miras, and Jing Wong. They are Civil Engineering undergraduate students.


Teammates Whitlon Joralemon (left) and Peter Leung (right), undergraduate students in Electrical Engineering, are discussing strategies in presenting their project, “Design of Micromouse.”
Divas Neupane, a Biochemistry graduate student, explains his research, “Synthesis and Evaluation of Model Cyclic Phosphonates as Putative Beta-Lactamase Inhibitors,” to Student Judge Howard Chan (right), a graduate student from CBLS.


Jaime Diaz-Sola, a CBLS graduate student, introduces his research on “Complexed PSA for Diagnosing Prostate Cancer” to a COSE student.
Ngoc Tran, an undergraduate student in Chemistry, is ready to present her project, “Experimental and Simulation Studies of Heat Flow and Heterocyclic Amine Mutagen/Carcinogen Formation in Pan-Fried Meat Patties,” to the audience.



Faculty Judges:

Dr. Sergio Aragon, Professor, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
Dr. William Bigler, Director, Center for Biomedical Laboratory Science
Dr. Zheng Hui He, Assistant Professor, Department of Biology
Dr. David Meredith, Professor, Department of Mathematics
Dr. Nilgun Ozer, Director of MEP, School of Engineering & Computer Science

Graduate Student Judges:

Howard Chan, Center for Biomedical Laboratory Science
Susan English (Physics), Department of Physics & Astronomy
Julian Herdon (Marine Biology), Department of Biology
Bill Panos (Electrical Engr.), School of Engineering & Computer Science
Tilman Rosales (Chemistry), Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry


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