College of Science & Engineering Alumni Newsletter

Spring 2000

Good Things are Happening Here

By James C. Kelley, Dean
College of Science & Engineering

     I am very pleased to report to you that the College is doing quite well. Last year the faculty brought in about $20 million in extramural funds, compared with about $15 million which we receive from the State, so 57% of our operating budget is attracted by our excellent faculty. We have also had remarkable success this year in attracting a very talented and diverse new group of faculty. We are not finished with the process, so I cannot report all the results but we are doing very well so far.
     The College is accelerating its outreach to the schools and community colleges. We now have two people who are assigned to carry on our outreach programs. We also are reaching out to you, our alumni, to help us support our student projects activity which provides support to students to carry on their research (click here to see related story). In this vein, we had a very successful student research award and alumni reception on 3 May during which students displayed their research results and were awarded prizes (click here to see related story). I hope you will join in future receptions.
     The faculty continue to achieve great success, including two papers in Nature this year and several in Science. Our students continue to be accepted into the best graduate programs in the country and to find jobs in the best companies. Things are going well and we all hope you will visit us and see these things for yourself.

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Updated by Lannie Nguyen-Tang on August 3rd, 2000