College of Science & Engineering Alumni Newsletter

Spring 2000

Today’s students need your help!

     As alumni of the College of Science and Engineering, your support plays a critical role in the College’s achievements and the success of its students.
     The Student Project Fund is a new College of Science and Engineering effort that directly benefits our students. Just two semesters old, it was developed to reimburse students for money they need to complete their research projects, field work, or thesis work.
     Helping students with the cost of completing their projects is a longstanding need. Many of you may recall having to pay out of pocket the expenses related to your own field work or research. That is because no money is allocated in the College’s budget to support student projects. With the cost of living in the Bay Area escalating annually, just making ends meet and paying for their general education expenses is a growing challenge for many students.
    The Student Project Fund reimburses students up to $500 for their out of pocket research project expenses, excluding airline tickets and food expenses. Last semester students submitted proposals requesting support totaling $16,000. We had funding to award grants totaling less than $5,000. This semester students submitted proposals requesting support in the amount of $18,000---again we had funding to award $4,100.
    Among those that received support last semester were student projects that: investigated ways to improve the quality of water at San Francisco’s Summit Reservoir on Twin Peaks; studied whether algae might be effective in breaking down the contaminant MTBE in water supplies; and controlled the valve train of internal combustion engine through electrical techniques.
    Funding for the Student Project Fund comes from recent donors to the University’s Annual Fund who earmarked their gifts for the College of Science and Engineering.
    To expand the scope of the fund and to assist our students in the pursuit of their research work, we ask you to give generously to the College. Please note that you are able to direct your gift to support the Student Project Fund or the department or program of your choice. For more information about College of Science & Engineernig Programs, alumni events, and ways to support the College, please contact Lannie Nguyen-Tang, director of alumni development, at 415/338-7662 or email
    If you recently received a letter from us asking you to support the Student Project Fund and already have done so, please disregard this request and accept our sincere thanks. The fund is so important to our students that we don’t want to miss any opportunity to strengthen it.
    Our students are creative, hard-working, and filled with ideas. Please give what you can today to assist them in completing a science and engineering education that is hands-on, addresses real-world problems, and has the potential to make an important difference in the world.

Thank you.

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Updated by Lannie Nguyen-Tang on August 3rd, 2000