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Spring 1999

News From Your Classmates

Margaret C. (Henderson) Connolly (BA ’57 Math; CR ’59; MSBA ’88, Information System) has just retired from teaching Mathematics for 6 years at George Washington High School in San Francisco. After receiving her Bachelor degree, Connolly worked for IBM for a year and came back to school for a teaching Credential. She taught high schools for several years and decided to stay home to raise four children. In 1985, Margaret came back to the teaching world and taught basic Math courses in the College of Business at San Francisco State University for 5 years. She is now enjoying her retirement and has been visiting a few places in Europe.

In November 1996, Franklin Ennik  (MA ’78, Biology) retired from the California Department of Health Services after working for 30 years as a Medical Entomologist investigating human cases of plaque, Lyme disease and Hanta virus. He also specialized in spider bites from brown spiders of the genus Loxosceles. Since his retirement, he volunteers at Alta Bate Hospital in Berkeley and travels around the U.S.

Dan L. Mosier (BA ’77, Geology) has been working at the U.S. Geological Survey for 20 years. He was transferred from the Branch of Resource Analyst to the Branch of Coastal and Marine Geology in 1995. He is now involved more with the computers than geology making maps and helping with the database. As the owner of Mines Road Books, he has been publishing books and booklets on local history since 1978 and specializes in researching and publishing California history and genealogy. He just wrote and published a new book titled “History of Tesla.” As a hobby, Dan is researching his own family roots and has so far traced back to four generations. You can find helpful information on Genealogy on line at California Genealogy Index ( Dan is married and has a 12 year-old daughter.

Graduated at the age of 69, Calvin D. Randolph (BA ’84, Fine Arts; Geology) was the oldest graduate in the class of 1984. After receiving the first Bachelor degree, he wanted to explore a different field. Randolph continued to go to school for his second Bachelor in Geology. He enjoyed taking Geology and other Science classes very much. However, he ran into a stumbling block when he realized that Physics is one of the required classes and Trigonometry was the prerequisite for Physics. At the age of 71 Trigonometry was not an easy subject for him so he had to drop out of school. Since then, his retirement is less hectic.

Dr. Edward Seen Wong (BS ’94, Chemistry & Biochemistry) went on to earn his Pharmacy Doctorate degree from University of California School of Pharmacy. He graduated on May 1998 and started his Pharmacy Residency at Long Beach Memorial Hospital.

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