College of Science & Engineering Alumni Newsletter

Spring 1997


Why Alumni? Why now?
by Mamdouh Abo-El-Ata
Associate Dean for Development, Professor of Engineering

Some time ago, Dean Kelley asked me to initiate a plan of development for the College of Science and Engineering. The purpose of such a plan is to increase resources, expand interaction with the science and engineering community, and enhance the visibility of the College in the Bay Area. I am pleased to note that such a plan is now in place.

The stakeholders in the develop plan, in addition to SFSU students and faculty, are the alumni and the employers of SFSU graduates. Accordingly we embarked on forming an alumni chapter for the College as a whole in order to integrate efforts in various departments and form a viable organization that can provide continuity and meaningful communication with our alumni. Our current plans of forming company-based alumni groups are just the latest effort in reaching out to this important group.

The role of the alumni in this development effort is pivotal. Our ultimate objectives are to improve education and enhance the reputation of the College, objectives that will most likely be supported by a majority of our alumni, irrespective of their current status.

Many other universities focus their alumni effort solely on fund raising. At the College of Science and Engineering, while we welcome financial contributions from those in a position to give, we would like to explore all possibilities for involvement in the College and education of our students. We hope to see you or hear from you soon.

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