College of Science & Engineering Alumni Newsletter

Fall 2001

In Memoriam: Dr. Paul Scholten

State of the College
New Faces and New Developments
By Daniel H. Buttlaire, Interim Dean, College of Science and Engineering

    As many of you know, Dean James C. Kelley retired after providing twenty-six years of visionary leadership to the College of Science and Engineering. A search is currently underway to find a new Dean. The Dean Search Committee, which includes faculty members from the various academic departments in the College, has interviewed a few candidates. The new Dean may begin as early as the Spring 2002 semester. I will continue to serve as Interim Dean until the search process has concluded and a permanent Dean is appointed. I am happy to report that the College remains healthy and is doing very well during this transition period.
    This year we are pleased to welcome a very impressive group of new faculty to the College.  These new faculty members have outstanding scientific backgrounds obtained at top universities.  They bring new, important scientific expertise to the College that will enrich our instructional programs and provide new, significant research opportunities for our students.  The following are our new faculty members:

    The College is currently in the process of searching for ten new faculty members who will begin at SFSU in fall 2002. Student enrollment in classes offered by the College in fall 2001was slightly higher than in the previous fall semester. Science and Engineering faculty members were awarded grants totaling about twenty-two million dollars during the 1999-2000 fiscal year.
    The Department of Computer Science has merged with the School of Engineering, which has been renamed as the School of Engineering and Computer Science. This union offers promise of nurturing the development of a new degree program in computer engineering. The Department of Geosciences has proposed a new B.S. degree program in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, which is pending review and approval by the California Post-Secondary Education Commission.
    A centralized College of Science and Engineering Advising Center has been established.  Professor Norman Owen has been appointed director. Student advising provided by the Advising Center complements departmental academic advising, which focuses on advising in the major. The College Advising Center provides advising in the following areas: new students who have not yet declared a major, science majors who desire to change their major and university requirements outside the major, such as general education

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