College of Science & Engineering Alumni Newsletter

Fall 2001

Scholarships and Student Project Fund

    Congratulations to Karen Song (Physiology), Jeffrey Cheng (General Biology), and Pa Ly (Biochemistry) for winning this year’s $500 scholarships - two Community Service Learning Scholarships and one David G.C. Cassa Memorial Scholarship.  From the Student Project Fund, the College also gave out small stipends for a total of $3,000 to reimburse students for their out-of-pocket expenses from their research projects in fall 2001.
    In an ongoing effort of increasing the numbers of scholarships and awards for the science and engineering students, the College is asking you to contribute generously.
    Please make checks payable to SFSU Foundation and send them back to the College. If you would like to establish a new fund or have any questions regarding our Scholarships and Student Project Fund Program, please contact Lannie at (415) 338-7662 or email to:

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