College of Science & Engineering Alumni Newsletter

Fall 2000

New Developments and New Faces
By James C. Kelley

    This year the College is welcoming an outstanding group of young faculty. They come to us from some of the finest institutions in the country and we know they will add greatly to already very distinguished faculty currently teaching and carrying out important research in the College. A list of these new faculty is as follows:

    Our grant-funded research continues to grow, increasing beyond $20 million last year and our students and faculty continue to be involved in collaborative research with other university, in the national laboratories, with industry and with museums and other non-profit organizations. We are currently seismically upgrading and conducting a major remodeling of Hensill Hall. We have recently opened new laboratories in environmental engineering, optics and electromagnetic compatibility as well as beginning the installation of a new computing lab donated by Sun Microsystems (this is the second lab which Sun has given us). All in all, the College continues to achieve success through our faculty and students. Last year our graduates were accepted in the finest graduate programs in the country or found employment in the most exciting companies in the Bay Area and beyond.
    On a final note, I have announced that I intend to retire this summer. I will have had the privilege of working with this wonderful group of faculty, staff, and students for 26 years. Things have changed a great deal in that time and it has been a great pleasure to be part of it.

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