College of Science & Engineering Alumni Newsletter

Fall 2000

School of Engineering Passes Accreditation with Flying Colors!

    The School of Engineering went through a very successful accreditation visit last fall. In the words of Dr. James C. Kelley, Dean of the College of Science and Engineering, “this was the strongest review that the School of Engineering has ever received.”   The Engineering Programs were evaluated under the new Engineering Criteria 2000 (EC 2000) recently established by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET). According to these new criteria, developed by educators and industry representatives, engineering programs have to show not only what they teach students but more importantly what their students learn.  Specifically, the EC 2000 require that the engineering graduates have:

Over a 2-year period, the School of Engineering has developed and implemented a comprehensive assessment plan as well as feedback mechanisms that ensure continuous quality improvement of the engineering programs. The Engineering Advisory Board (EAB) and many alumni helped in the assessment process and curriculum development. All this hard work paid off! The visiting ABET team was impressed by the assessment results and the quality of the engineering programs, students, faculty, and staff.  They were pleased with the hands-on-experience component in the curriculum and our lab facilities, especially the Motion Control and the Electromagnetic Compatibility labs. Both of these state-of-the-art labs were developed through National Science Foundation grants and equipment donations from the local companies.  The evaluators also praised the EAB and alumni involvement and their dedication to the School of Engineering. The engineering faculty, staff and students are very thankful to the alumni who helped obtain a 6-year accreditation recommendation for the School of Engineering.

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