College of Science & Engineering Alumni Newsletter

Fall 2000

News from Your Classmates

    Jane Gill (BA ’89, Geology) wrote: “My husband Dick and I moved to North Carolina in January (officially, although it took us about three months to do the actual move and we still have to go get more stuff this summer). I love it here - I am not working yet, but have irons in the fire. The predominant geology is very different here, and I am having a good time learning new things.”

    Chris Rogers (BS ’88, Biology), who has 12 years of professional experience in wetlands restoration design and implementation, has joined the Oakland office of the Environmental Science Associates (ESA) as Project Manager and Senior Biologist. His experience includes habitat assessment, endangered species evaluations, wetland delineation, preparation of environmental documentation and permitting applications, restoration and mitigation planning, construction and monitoring. Prior to joining ESA, Rogers was an independent biological consultant in Berkeley.

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