College of Science & Engineering Alumni Newsletter

Fall 1998

New Developments & New Faces

This year has seen a number of new developments affecting the quality of our academic programs. I would like to tell you about a few of them.

Last fall the faculty and department chairs completed a five-year hiring plan for new faculty. We expect to hire 46 new faculty members in the next five years, about 40% of the total faculty in the College. Because hiring new faculty is a 30-year $1 million decision, we have tried hard to project those fields which we think will be the most promising in the long term. We have also tried to project areas on collaboration between these new faculty and others in the College and beyond. We have now completed the first year of this plan and have managed to bring an outstanding group of new scientists and engineers to the College.  Here is the list of new faculty members.

As you can see from this list we are hiring extremely well qualified faculty to help us move into many exciting new areas of science and engineering. As a particularly interesting new partnership with industry, Peter Rha will be working at SBC (formerly PacBell) during his first year before joining us full-time on the campus next year.

Our enrollments continue to be strong and the science and engineering student body is wonderfully diverse. In fact the demographics of the College reflect those of the University quite accurately. We have, through the efforts of many faculty but particularly Frank Bayliss and Dan Buttlaire, acquired significant funding for scholarships and stipends to help our students stay in school and complete their degrees. Two of the most prestigious are four new Beckman scholarships from the Beckman Foundation which provide more than $17,000 to each of four students in biology, chemistry and biochemistry. These awards were given to only 20 universities nationwide, including MIT, Caltech, UC Berkeley and Stanford, so we are in good company. The other awards are 6  $5,000 scholarships from the ARCS (Achievement Awards for College Scientists) Foundation. These awards continue a history of ARCs awards to our students in Biology, Chemistry and Biochemistry, and Physics and Astronomy.

As we move forward in many new fields with a remarkable group of students and faculty, we hope you will come by for a visit and see the progress.

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