College of Science & Engineering Alumni Newsletter

Fall 1998

What are COSE Company-Based Alumni Clubs?

 The College of Science & Engineering (COSE) Alumni Chapter was established in summer of 1994.  One of its goals is to form a support network with the Bay Area companies by setting up Company-Based Alumni Clubs. The purposes of these clubs is to increase the visibility of COSE and to improve the education of our current students. You may choose to use your club as a way to renew your ties with SFSU and COSE, to advocate SFSU/COSE to your company, or to plan mentoring activities of current students. Establishing these alumni clubs at your company is beneficial to all of us - you, your alma mater, and COSE students.

Genentech, PG&E, and Hewlett-Packard Alumni Clubs have been established. Now, we wish to expand the list by targeting the following companies: Applied Materials, NASA-Ames, National Semiconductor, Chevron, Chiron, Roche Molecular, Raychem, Hitachi, Intel, and yours. We estimate that the leaders of the club would spend a minimum of 8 hours/year and the members 4 hours/year since Lannie will facilitate the activities of the clubs. There are no dues or fees for membership of the clubs but you are encourage to join the SFSU Alumni Association. If you would like to participate in these company-based alumni clubs or establish new ones, please contact the Alumni Development Director Lannie Nguyen-Tang at (415) 338-7662 or e-mail

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