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Fall 1997

Two "Outstanding" Alumni Speak at Computer Science’s PERNET Colloquia

Two SFSU alumni will visit campus as part of the Computer Science Department's PERformance and NETworking Colloquia (PERNET). "They are outstanding alumni," said Computer Science professor and PERNET organizer Jozo Dujmovic. "Both of them have contributed significantly to the computer industry."

Stanley Mazor, of BEA Systems, who attended SFSU in the early ‘60s, spoke on "The History of the Microcomputer" at the PERNET Colloquium on Wednesday, October 15th. He has worked on the "Symbol" high level language computer, and has also written CAD modeling programs. He was recently awarded the Outstanding American Innovator award, was inducted into the Inventor’s Hall of Fame in 1996, and is a Kyoto Prize laureate for 1997.

Dave Walden (B.A., Math, 1964), of the Center for Quality of Management, will speak on "The History of the Internet from 1960 to 2000" on Wednesday, November 12th. He was part of the small team of scientists and engineers who developed the first packet-switching network, the ARPANET, the precursor of the Internet. He went on to participate in many Internet firsts, including development of the Telnet and TCP/IP protocols, the first packet satellite network (a precursor of Ethernet), and the first end-to-end packet-network data encryption system.

The PERNET group is coordinated by the Computer Science faculty and welcomes all SFSU faculty, students, alumni and Bay Area researchers and professionals. PERNET Colloquia take place each Wednesday from 6 to 7 p.m. in Thornton Hall 331. To receive more information about upcoming events, send a request to

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