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Fall 1997

Alumni Clubs Reach Out to Current Students

On May 8th the club visited campus for a tour of the Biology Department’s Conservation Genetics Lab, hosted by Professors Rick Bernstein, John Stubbs, and Frank Bayliss, and Chemistry and Biochemistry’s Nuclear Magnetic Resonance facility, hosted by Professor Ursula Simonis. The tour was followed by a reception with current faculty and students. Barb Niepelt (M.S., 1980), the chair of the alumni club, spoke enthusiastically about how impressed she is with the research capabilities of the College facilities. Also in attendance from Genentech were Patrick McKay, Mitra Youssefi, Marcia  Coyne, Francis Ip, Eleanor Canova-Davis, Karen Sutherlin, Terryl J. Smith, Frankie  Choy, Pat Rancatore, Patricia Siguenza, Peggy Woods, Maria Rodrigues and Leo  Margolf. Faculty in attendance included Jim Kelley, Mamdouh Abo-El-Ata, Jim Cheng, Paul Barnes, Robert Ramirez, John Stubbs, Bill Plachy, Weiming Wu, Peter Palmer, Mike Goldman, Jim Keeffe, Judith Ekstrand, Mary Luckey, and Ursula Simonis.

Mitra Youssefi (B.S., Biology, 1987) is coordinating a surplus supplies donations process. Whenever good equipment or lab supplies are being disposed of at Genentech, members of the club let Mitra know, and she picks them up and brings them to the Biology Department stockroom. She has dropped off tubes, a pH meter, disposable (Tyvek) lab coats, Finn pipettes, clamps for tubing, gloves, glass Pasteur pipettes, syringe needles, tissue culture flasks, cell culture inserts, Eppendorf repeater tips, glass microfiber filters, Nunc bioassay dishes, and chamber slides. Thank you, Mitra!

Mitra also met with a representative from Genentech’s human resources department to discuss intern recruiting. She is working with Grace Gillies and Jim Cheng at State to put the necessary infrastructure in place so that SFSU students are given as much of an opportunity as students from other Bay Area universities. This includes giving students resume-building guidance, club members contacting managers about SF State students who would be excellent to hire as temps, and alumni attending on-campus job fairs.

A Sierran Getaway
Jim Steele, Director of the Sierra Nevada Field Campus and a graduate of SFSU, invites all science and engineering alumni to a getaway in the Sierra for a week of fun with your family and members of your company’s alumni club. Enjoy boating, wildflower hikes, astronomy talks, bird banding, and mammal trapping. If your company doesn’t have a club yet, this could be your kick-off event!

Located just north of Truckee, the field campus provides meals, flush toilets, and hot showers. Contact Jim soon—space fills up quickly! He can be reached at, or call the College office and leave him a message, 415.338.1571. For more information on the Sierra Nevada Field Campus, point your browser to

A group of alumni met with Rene Marxheimer, professor emeritus of engineering, at PG&E April 9. The group included Frank Kwok, Mike Sanchez, Gene Schlegel, Jarnail Thiara and Tim Cormier. They discussed the matching gift donation plan at PG&E. Professor Marxheimer presented his idea for an alumni office in the College of Science and Engineering, a place where alumni can come to meet with current students and have club meetings. The group talked about the feasibility of furnishing an office, and Marxheimer agreed to present the idea to the University administration.

Frank Kwok (B.S., Electrical Engineering, 1969), the chair of the club, worked with Jim Cheng, Director of Cooperative Education at SFSU, to post summer intern jobs. PG&E was looking for a student engineer to work in the Fleet Engineering area and was happy with the number of responses they received.

The club has plans to host a resume-building workshop in coordination with the Engineering Society at San Francisco State this fall.

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