Recent Accomplishments:  
(1) RIMI student scholar, Alex Pankov, accepted into the bioinformatics Ph.D. program at RIMI partner instituation, UCSF. [Read more...]
(2) Dr. Mariel Vazquez receives an NSF CAREER award, one of only two awarded by the Mathematical Biology Program. [Read more...]


The San Francisco State University Research Infrastructure in Minority Institutions (SFSU RIMI Program) is funded by a grant from the National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities (NIMHD). Consistent with the goal of the NCMHD RIMI program, the SFSU RIMI Program is focused on strengthening and enhancing the biomedical and behavioral research infrastructure and research training capacity of San Francisco State University. In addition, the SFSU RIMI Program aims to enhance faculty and student opportunities in the area of Health Disparities Research, through basic research and community-based participatory research activities.

To achieve its goals, the SFSU RIMI Program has developed a set of research and training cores:

~ Faculty Professional Development and Training

~ Student Training and Academic Enhancement

~ Collaborative Research Program

~ Research Core Facilities

The SFSU RIMI Program is housed in the Office of Biomedical Research and is led by Bruce Macher and James Wiley. The SFSU RIMI Program is advised by faculty and administrators from several institutions including our RIMI partner institution, the University of California, San Francisco.