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Image: Photos of SF State students and scenes from around campus

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San Francisco State University is one of the nation's leading public urban universities. Promoting respect for scholarship, freedom, and human diversity, the University's faculty and administration encourage students to ignore traditional barriers. Here students learn by helping people solve real-life problems, take part in research projects with senior faculty, collaborate with classmates, and explore future personal horizons and career pathways.

Our faculty put teaching first.

Teaching is what SFSU is all about -- it's what we do best. Here students are guided and encouraged to find their own way, to speak up and express themselves. Our instructors are interested in their students' success -- and they are accessible. We offer ongoing support through advising, learning assistance, and career counseling.

When you walk across our campus, you experience the world.

San Francisco State represents an exceptional range of ethnic groups, cultures, ages, values, and life experiences. Sixty-seven percent of our undergraduates are students of color, as are 40 percent of our graduate students. Some of your fellow students will arrive right out of high school; others will arrive with extensive professional experience. This mix of people leads to stimulating discussions both in and out of class; you will learn not only from your professors but also from other students.

SFSU is an institution that cares about its community.

At SFSU, students learn outside of classrooms and laboratories; they learn in the vibrant community of the Bay Area itself. Through service learning programs and courses, our students have made a difference in the real world, working to improve city housing projects, bringing music instruction to city schools, helping immigrants prepare for citizenship tests, and supporting a health clinic in San Francisco's Mission district for low-income residents. By taking part in these or similar projects, you can work, study, and contribute at the same time.

SFSU has one of the best locations any student could ask for.

We're in San Francisco, where you can find an awesome view and unexpected thrills over every hill. Ride cable cars, explore authentic ethnic neighborhoods, hang out at downtown clubs, visit traditional or alternative music and theatre venues, or stroll through eucalyptus groves in city parks. What's more, San Francisco and nearby Silicon Valley comprise the nation's high tech capital and the home of biotechnology. If you want to get a jump on tomorrow's job market, San Francisco is the place to be.

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