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NOTE TO EDITORS: For additional assistance in locating an SFSU faculty expert, see our Faculty Experts Web site, or contact the SFSU Office of Public Affairs at the contact info. above.

Press Release published by the Office of Public Affairs

SAN FRANCISCO, June 3, 2002 -- San Francisco State University faculty and administrators are available to provide expert commentary in Spanish on a wide variety of topics from education, music and theatre to international politics, history, health and current events.


Abdiel Onate, associate professor of history
Areas of expertise: history and culture of Mexico, Cuban studies, modern history of Latin America and Caribbean culture.
Contact information: 415-338-6177 (office), 650-355-8614 (home),

Jim Quesada, professor of anthropology
Areas of expertise: the people and cultures of Central America, cross-cultural racism, medical anthropology, political economy of health, and social and cultural anthropology with special expertise in Nicaragua.
Contact information: 415-338-1633 (office), 650-557-0856 (home),

Velia Garcia, associate professor/chair of Raza studies
Areas of expertise: Latino youth and the criminal justice system, U.S.-Mexico relations, Latino community organizations and the Latino community in California.
Contact information: 415-338-6160 (office), 650-879-0209,

Nancy Mirabal, assistant professor of Raza studies
Areas of expertise: Latinos in the United States and history of the Caribbean.
Contact information: 415-338-6804 (office), 415-440-0314 (home),

Gustavo Calderón, professor of foreign languages and literatures
Areas of expertise: pre-Hispanic cultures, Latin American and Spanish civilization and Colombian culture.
Contact information: 415-338-7426 (office),


Fernando Arias, lecturer of international business
Areas of expertise: Latin American economies, import/export currency valuations, interest rates, role of the International Monetary Fund in the World Bank, international trade, and trade balances for the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) and European Union (EU).
Contact information: 415-338-6086 (office), 510-223-2883 (home),


Rafael Diaz, professor of human sexuality studies and ethnic studies
Areas of expertise: sexuality, social inequality and health and sociocultural factors leading to HIV risk in Latino gay men.
Contact information: 415-522-5808 (office),


Leticia Marquez-Magana, professor of biology
Areas of expertise: women in science, minorities in science, mentoring and molecular biology.
Contact information: 415-338-3289 (office),


Jacob Perea, dean of the College of Education
Areas of expertise: K-12 education, special education, Latino educational issues, and educational administration.
Contact information: 415-338-2687 (office),

Lilia Chavez, adviser/assistant to dean for coordination of K-12 access
Areas of expertise: college advising, K-12 outreach and health issues.
Contact information: 415-338-7889 (office),

Rosemary Hurtado, associate professor of elementary education
Areas of expertise: language arts, bilingual education and second language acquisition.
Contact information: 415-338-3442 (office), .


Carlos Baron, associate professor of theatre arts Areas of expertise: Latino theatre, multicultural theatre and Raza studies.
Contact information: 415-338-1941 (office), 415-585-6071 (home),

Carlos Sanchez-Gutierrez, associate professor of music
Areas of expertise: music composition, music theory and music education in the United States and Mexico. Contact information: 415-338-2066 (office), 415-469-5302,

Joshua Habermann, assistant professor of music
Areas of expertise: vocal and choral music.
Contact information: 415-338-7761 (office), 415-673-2625 (home),


Betsy Blosser, professor of broadcast and electronic communication arts
Areas of expertise: the effects of television on society, educational media and educational television.
Contact information: 415-338-2456 (office), 650-574-4120 (home),

Melissa Camacho, assistant professor of broadcast and electronic communication arts
Areas of expertise: feminist issues, cultural studies and mass media with special expertise in television.
Contact information: 415-338-6526 (office), 650-866-3824 (home), .

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Student writer Fred H. Danfoura contributed to this press release.

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