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Volume 53, Number 14   November 14, 2005         

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SFSU was awarded $2,882,593 in August and $1,429,273 in September.

Paul Sherwin
, Poetry Center, "Poetry Center Youth Residencies," National Endowment for the Arts, $10,000; "Grants for the Arts 2005-06," City and County of San Francisco, $16,100.

Nancy Carnal, Biology, "MASTEP: Follow-On Activities," San Jose State University, $79,052.

Ralph Larson, Biology, "Temporal Variation in Fish Communities off Santa Cruz, California," California Sea Grant, $29,808.

Edward Luby, Museum Studies, "National Park Service -- Museum Studies," National Park Service, $23,500.

Gilbert Herdt, Human Sexuality Studies, "National Sexuality Resource Center," Ford Foundation, $880,961.

Kimberly Tanner, Biology, "Track 2, GK-12: SFSU/SFUSD Science Teachers and Research Scholars Program," National Science Foundation, $496,066.

Laura Burrus, Biology, "Analysis of Pax-3/7 and Wnt Signaling in Embryonic Myogenic Progenitor Cells (MDA3989)," Muscular Dystrophy Association, $100,000.

Lisa White, Geosciences, "SF Rocks: Reach out to Communities and Kids with Science -- Year 5," National Science Foundation, $205,218.

Jim Murphy, Recreation and Leisure Studies," Tall Ship Semester for Girls 2005-06," Tall Ship Education Academy, $2,527.

Dawn Terrell, Psychology, "Jumpstart-Start Up Funds Summer 2006," Jumpstart for Young Children, $3,318.

Janet Randall, Biology, "Travel Grant to International Conference," National Science Foundation, $5,000.

Pamela LePage, Special Education,"High Incidences -- Year 2," U.S. Dept. of Education, $199,999.

Lori Goetz, Special Education, "California Deaf-Blind Services -- Year 3," U.S. Dept. of Education, $575,000.

Bruce Macher, Chemistry and Biochemistry, "Characterization of Antigens Recognized by Anti-Cancer Antibodies," California State University Program for Education and Research in Biochemistry, $30,000.

Diana Chu, Biology, "Characterizing Sperm Chromatic Assembly in C. elegans -- Year 2," U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services, $91,982.

Laureen Chew, Elementary Education, "No Child Left Behind," The Regents of the University of California, $47,200.

Susan Alunan, Urban Institute, "DISACARE-Regional Resources," Finnish Association of People with Mobility Disabilities, $17,960; "Special American Business Internship Training," U.S. Dept. of Commerce, $5,340.

James Wiley, Public Research Institute, "Pacific Institution for Research and Evaluation," Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation , $63,562.

Ginger Yamamoto
, Educational Opportunity Program, "Student Support Services Program," U.S. Dept. of Education, $234,434.

Sandra Rosen, Special Education, "Guide Dog Mobility Program," Guide Dogs for the Blind, Inc., $31,418.

Juanita Santana, Edelman Institute, "Quality Improvement Grants," Low Income Investment Fund, $3,000.

Rafael Diaz, Cesar Chavez Institute, "MA Use in Latino MSM," University-Wide AIDS Research Program, University of California Office of the President, $151,028.

Leticia Marquez-Magaña, Biology, "RUI: Swimming/Swarming in BSU," National Science Foundation, $225,000.

David Ellis, Mathematics, "LSAMP Phase III -- Year 2," National Science Foundation, $2,380; "LSAMP Phase III -- Year 3," National Science Foundation, $78,984.

Mary Beth Love, Health Education, "Regional Health Occupations Resource Center," California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office, $173,384.

Eileen Levy, Social Work,"YOUTH: Contra Costa County," Stuart Foundation, $332,291.

Edward Luby, Museum Studies, "NPS Museum Studies-Yosemite," National Park Service, $30,000.

James Wiley, Public Research Institute, "BART Training Needs Assessment," City College of San Francisco, $36,958.

Patrick Tierney, Recreation and Leisure Studies, "Devils Slide Trail Visitation," The State Coastal Conservancy, $12,116.

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