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October 8

Volume 49, No. 8
Love is stronger than hate Sept. 11: You can help A campus engaged
Faculty: yay or nay? Benefits enrollment Service learning institute
Senate agenda Multicultural teaching proposal due Talk about teaching
The blank page awaits Discounts for a cause Get in shape with HealthStart
Racial violence in America Local rooms at low rates Seven Hills sampler
World food day Teaching online for the first time Catastrophic leave bank

Love is stronger than hate

Dear Colleagues and Students:

As we enter the next stages of our individual and national response to the attacks of Sept. 11, it is time to reinforce an old message: Now more than ever, we need to do our best to see that our most cherished right, that of free speech, is complemented by another of our highest values: respect for the views, feelings and human dignity of others.

It is not easy to find this balance, particularly when the subjects we are discussing -culpability for terrorism, America's role and impact on the world, culture and religion -are automatically sensitive. I trust that we would all agree that we need to allow ourselves to present controversial ideas, to listen to things with which we may strongly disagree, and to engage in the public back-and-forth exchanges that help us to weigh the relative merits of ideas, understand each other better, and perhaps even -though not necessarily -find points of consensus.

One key to doing this well, in ways that preserve both our immediate community and our greater democracy, is to remember consciously that, as Dean of Human Relations Ken Monteiro puts it, we can "strongly disagree with a person's ideas without disagreeing with or condemning that person's humanity." Stereotyping and broad generalizations are prejudice, clear and dangerous. Threats, whether expressed or implied, have no place in our debates, and, in fact, take us closer to all that we abhor.

There is no question that strong speech will, and should, be heard on this campus. We have, I am proud to say, a considerable range of tolerance for the discomfort that often comes with debate over controversial issues. We have sought to provide guidance in the difficult business of democratic debate. We have shown where we stand on free speech, and we have shown where we stand on hate speech.

We know that civil language and behavior can mark our most intensely felt debates and that division need not equal divisiveness. For some very practical and helpful perspectives on how to speak freely, yet not do harm to each other, I would refer you to the Office of Human Relations Web site at:, where you'll find among many resources, "A First-Aid Kit for a Hate and Hurt-Free Environment."

We have done well as a campus community in these first weeks since the attacks, coming together in shared grief and horror and supporting each other. In the days to come, I think we are going to have to call on different strengths. We need to speak freely, yet hold back from hateful, hurtful speech. That takes effort, self-control and an honest desire to see individuals, not types; people, not demons; issues, not absolute truths.

If ever there were a safe and stable place for public disagreement, for strong and differing perspectives to be offered and vigorously debated, this campus is it. Many among us have come to America expressly to find this kind of freedom. Let us recommit ourselves to nurturing it here at San Francisco State.


Robert A. Corrigan


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Sept. 11: You can help

Starting Thursday, the Bookstore and various food vendors in the Cesar Chavez Student Center and across campus will be sponsoring a fund-raising drive to aid the victims, families and rescue workers affected by the tragedy. Ten percent of Bookstore sales from Thursday, Oct. 11, through Wednesday, Oct. 17, will be donated to New York relief funds. The goal of the relief drive is to raise $20,000.

The Bookstore will also be selling "Love is Stronger than Hate" T-shirts to reinforce campus support and raise additional funds for the effort.

A special fund has been set up for Deborah vanDommelen's daughter Evan who lost her husband Mauricio on Sept. 11. vanDommelen is director of the Learning Assistance Center.

For more information, contact Karen Wiederholt and Nathalie Destandau at ext. 8-1994 or Patricia Porter at ext. 8-7445.

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A campus engaged

Faculty and staff are invited and encouraged to invite students to attend Tuesday's "Challenge for Change: A Symposium on Civic Engagement," which will be held from 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. in Jack Adams Hall in the Cesar Chavez Student Center. Leon Panetta, CEO of the Panetta Institute and former White House Chief of Staff in the Clinton Administration, will be the keynote speaker.

The symposium will also feature alumnus Joseph Marshall, founder of the Omega Boys Club, as well as panel sessions with faculty, staff, students and other guests who are engaged in community outreach and service learning. Panel topics include: "Democracy in the Face of Conflict," "Working as Partners in Civic and Community Engagement," "Making a Difference in Real Life," and "Creating Change Through Civic Leadership and Activism."

Admission is free. For details, call ext. 8-6879.

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Faculty: yay or nay?

The deadline for voting on the proposed change in the faculty constitution has been extended to Friday, Nov. 2, because a quorum (50 percent plus 1) of eligible voting faculty has not yet been achieved. Additional ballots are available in the Academic Senate Office, ADM 551.

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Benefits enrollment

The benefits open enrollment period continues through Oct. 31. This is your opportunity to make changes to your benefit plans. Employees enrolled in Aetna, Cigna, Lifeguard and Maxicare must change plans, as CalPERS will no longer offer plans associated with those health care providers.

For more information, call the Benefits Help Line at ext. 8-1875.

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Service learning institute

The Office of Community Service Learning (OCSL) and the California Campus Compact will hold a workshop/conference from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Wednesday in Jack Adams Hall in the Cesar Chavez Student Center.

Kerrissa Heffernan will discuss "The Fundamentals of Service-Learning Course Construction." This one-day regional faculty institute will assist faculty in integrating service into an existing course or constructing a new course using service learning.

Lunch is included with the $12 registration fee. For details, contact Leisette Rodriguez at ext. 5-3809 or

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Senate agenda

The Academic Senate meets at 2 p.m. Tuesday in the Nob Hill Room of Seven Hills Conference Center. Agenda items include a report from Deborah Masters, University librarian, and Lavonne Jacobsen, acting head of collection management services; a report from the University promotions committee; a report from the University sabbatical review; a proposed resolution responding to the tragic events of Sept. 11; a proposed change to the bachelor of arts in child and adolescent development; and a report from statewide senators.

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Multicultural teaching proposal date

Proposals to enhance multicultural teaching strategies are due at 5 p.m. today in the Office of the Provost, ADM 455. If you have any questions, contact Lisa White at or ext. 8-1778.

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Talk about teaching

The Center for the Enhancement of Teaching (CET) is ready to begin another year of lively dialogue about teaching. The first meeting of the year takes place from 3 to 5 p.m. Tuesday in Room 1 on the first floor of the University Club.

Geosciences Professor Ray Pestrong, who leads the dialogues, will begin with a timely discussion of the relationship of the classroom (we work in) to the world (we live in). What have your experiences been these past few weeks? Have you tried to integrate world events into classroom activities or discussions? What are your feelings about the wisdom of such attempts? What worked and what didn't?

For details, contact Pestrong at ext. 8-2080.

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The blank page awaits

Do you know students who find it difficult to start writing term papers? Karen Wiederholt of the Learning Assistance Center and English Department will present a workshop on "Getting Started Writing Papers" at noon Wednesday in BUS 202. Students need not sign up prior to the workshop.

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Discounts for a cause

Entertainment Books, which offer discounts on restaurants, movies, hotels and much more, are now available for purchase. Proceeds benefit the Cindy Kolb AIDS Donation Fund.

Pick up your San Francisco/San Mateo book ($20) and order books for other Bay Area locations from the Dean of Students Office in Student Services 403, or call ext. 8-3032. The book makes a great gift.

The Kolb AIDS Donation Fund was developed to enhance the quality of life for students, faculty and staff who have HIV or AIDS. Grants can be used to fit individual needs, such as help with fees, books and school supplies or to assist with medical costs or personal items.

For information about the Cindy Kolb AIDS Donation Fund, call ext. 8-1189.

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Get in shape with HealthStart

Have you wanted to start an exercise program but just don't know where to begin? Search no more. HealthStart is SFSU's on-campus faculty and staff wellness program. HealthStart offers morning, noon and evening classes in a variety of sports such as kickboxing, swimming, weight training and yoga. For more information, visit HealthStart on the Web at:

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Racial violence in America

Christopher Waldrep, Pasker Endowed Chair in History, will speak at 1 p.m. Wednesday on "The Problem of Racial Violence in America." The event will be at the de Bellis Collection on the sixth floor of the J. Paul Leonard Library. The campus community is invited to attend. The event is sponsored by Friends of the J. Paul Leonard Library. Refreshments and conversation will follow the lecture.

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Local rooms at low rates

The Office of Conference and Residential Services has formed an agreement with the SW Hotel, located in the heart of North Beach and Chinatown, to provide University guests, faculty, staff and visitors low rates of $95 to $135 per night.

All 81 rooms of this newly renovated hotel include telephone, voicemail, data ports, cable television, air conditioning, hair dryers and complimentary continental breakfasts. Secure underground parking is also available. This boutique-style property also offers meeting rooms to hold intimate gatherings of up to 20 people or larger receptions that hold 100.

For additional information regarding the SW Hotel or to place a reservation at special University rates, contact Dania Howell, assistant director of Conference Services, at ext. 8-7135.

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Seven Hills sampler

Seven Hills Catering and Conference and Residential Services invite all faculty and staff to an open house from 4 to 7 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 16, at the Seven Hills Conference Center.

Sample items from Seven Hills' new extensive catering menu and see examples of table settings, decorations and floral displays.

For details, contact Peter Oshinski at ext. 8-2104.

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World food day

The 18th Annual World Food Day Teleconference will take place from 9 a.m. to noon Tuesday, Oct. 16, in AV 28 in the J. Paul Leonard Library. The program will feature a conversation with Wenche Barthe Eide, who developed the first academic nutrition training program for the Nordic countries and is a longtime leader in international "right to food" efforts. Continuing education credits are available.

For details, contact Ryszard Dziadur at ext. 8-3331 or

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Teaching online for the first time

Faculty can join in a PBS satellite seminar, "Surviving and Thriving in Your First Online Course," and pick up dozens of time-saving, stress-reducing tips on Web course design. This seminar will be held from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 18, in AV 36, in the basement of the J. Paul Leonard Library. All new or prospective online educators are welcome to attend.

To register or for more information, contact Val Sakovich at ext. 8-2634 or or Brigid Duffy at ext. 8-1493 or

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Catastrohphic leave bank

Employees may donate 1 to 16 hours (32 CSEA and APC) of vacation or sick leave credits to the Human Resources Department's "bank." Credits are used by staff and faculty who sustain a catastrophic illness or injury. Pledge forms are available in Human Resources, ADM 252, or on the Web at:

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