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California State Budget: SFSU Perspectives and Resources

Following are links and resources to update students, employees, alumni and friends of the University on the latest news about the CSU's budget and its impact on San Francisco State University.

The Latest News

August 30: President Corrigan's message on the final 2004-05 budget. A better-than-expected final budget means that some items that had been cut will be restored.

August 4: President Corrigan's message on the state budget signing and what it means for SFSU.

May 20: President Corrigan's message on the Governor's Compact and what it means for the 2004-05 budget and future years. No further cuts will be required for the 2004-05 fiscal year.

May 13: SFSU press release on Athletic Department's response to budget cuts. Five teams eliminated; 11 preserved.

April 19: SFSU press release on the Academic Affairs budget reduction plan.

April 19: Provost Gemello's message on the Academic Affairs budget reduction plan. Reductions must total $10.3 million. The plan preserves all tenured and tenure-track faculty jobs. Five bachelor's and five master's degree programs are proposed for discontinuance.

April 7: President Corrigan's message to students on budget cuts. No decisions to cut academic programs have been made. Any cuts will affect minority students no matter where they are made because 70% of SFSU undergraduates are persons of color.

April 7: President Corrigan's message on the School of Engineering. The School of Engineering is being considered for discontinuation, but no decisions have been made. A budget plan for handling Academic Affairs budget cuts is being prepared and will be presented no later than the end of April.

April 2: President Corrigan's message on long-term budget cuts and strategies. A plan for proposed cuts in Academic Affairs will be made public later this month and cuts in other areas of the University have already been made.

March 22: CSU Chancellor Charles Reed's comments at CSU legislative day on the current CSU budget situation and how the system is preparing to manage the challenges it poses.

March 19: President Corrigan's message on the future of SFSU Athletics. President Corrigan will abide by the results of the student fee referendum and not seek a fee increase to support Athletics. He is forming a Task Force on the Future of SFSU Athletics which will look for input across campus on how to reshape SFSU Athletics.

March 15: President Corrigan's message on the student fee referendum results. He has accepted the Student Health Services fee increase, forwarded the Academic Instructional and Career Center fees to CSU Chancellor Reed for approval, and is opening discussion on the Athletics fee increase.

March 9: President Corrigan's March 2004 budget update includes a call for the campus community to be involved in how we redefine the academic program in order to deal with the significant budget cuts facing SFSU.

March 8: Students turned out in record number to vote on the student fee referendum. Students favored fee increases for Academic Instructional, Career Center and Student Health Services. A fee increase for Athletics was narrowly defeated. For full results, see the fee referendum press release.

Feb. 27: President Corrigan's February 2004 budget update and message on the student fee referendum

Dec. 23: President Corrigan's December 2003 budget update and Q&A

SFSU Messages and Links

San Francisco Chronicle opinion piece on budget challenges, by President Corrigan, 4/14/03

President Corrigan's ViewPoint column on the budget, First Monday, 3/03/03

CSU faces cuts in California Governor's Budget, Campus Headlines, 1/13/03

Student Fee Information

Aug. 4: Student reaction to the fee increase

July 16: President Corrigan's message to students on the fee increase

July 16: CSU Trustess approve fee increase

CSU Resources

CSU Budget Central

The CSU has launched Budget Central, a Web site offering news and information about the CSU’s budget. The page includes frequently asked questions about the budget, an explanation of California’s budget process, budget timeline and resources for contacting California legislators about the CSU budget. This site is updated frequently as events unfold. http://www.calstate.edu/budgetcentral/

State of California Resources

Department of Finance Budget Documents

2004-05 Governor's Budget Summary

California Legislative Analyst’s Office

Visit this site for a detailed examination of the Budget Bill based on the Governor's Budget. http://www.lao.ca.gov/

Other Resources

The California Budget Project

This nonprofit, nonpartisan organization serves as a resource to the media, policymakers, and state and local constituency groups. It provides information and analysis on a range of state policy issues. http://www.cbp.org/about.htm

AASCU Student Fee/Financial Aid Comparisons

The American Association of State Colleges and Universities Web site includes state-by-state budget updates, comparisons of student fees and financial aid at state universities nationwide, and updates on trends, Federal policies and legislation affecting student aid and higher education. http://www.aascu.org/

Academic Senate CSU Policy and Funding Recommendations (Adobe Acrobat required)

This 2001 report by the Academic Senate CSU, "The California State University at the Beginning of the 21st Century: Meeting the Needs of the People of California," contains background and recommendations on CSU policy and funding goals and provides an historical context for the fiscal crisis now faced by the state and the CSU system.

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