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Positive career outlook for 2007 grads

May 18, 2007

Image of posters wishing congratulations to the class of 2007According to a survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, hiring of recent college graduates is expected to be up almost 20 percent over last year. This continues a positive trend that began a few years after hiring slowed down with the dotcom bust.

Jack Brewer, director of the Career Center, said that employers' increased interest in hiring recent grads appears to extend to SF State, where more employers are returning for on-campus recruiting and the number of employers participating in the Spring Career Expo increased by 20 percent over last year.

John Sullivan, professor of management and a renowned human relations consultant, agrees that the job market has continued to improve. "Not only do employers intend to hire more, they plan on paying them between 4 and 10 percent more and expanding training opportunities to attract the best candidates," he said. "This increase demonstrates a renewed reliance on recent graduate labor (with their highly desirable technology skills and ability to innovate) that began to emerge four years ago and with it, an increased competition for the best."

Brewer does caution that, "With the improved job market and more students graduating, competition between students for the best jobs has also increased. Students who have gained valuable transferable skills through part-time work, community service or volunteering, have completed an internship, or were active in student organizations will be very competitive in the improving job market."

Robert C. Chope, professor and chair of the counseling department, says graduates can improve their competitiveness by surrounding themselves with people who help them gain confidence and with whom they can explore creative ideas. "They should consider adding to their skill set, but they should also try work that is fun. They might create a portfolio of part-time jobs that provide good contacts, good skills-based training and off-beat enjoyment. Above all, they should market themselves with candor and refrain from ever killing their best ideas."

For those graduating students who haven't yet landed the perfect job -- or for current students looking to plan for the future -- it's not too late to take advantage of the services the SF State Career Center provides. For details, visit the Career Center Web site.

-- William Morris


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